one day of food

Some of the blogs that I read show what they eat everyday. Oh my gosh - this is not easy! I tried it and missed a few things
Nick and I both had Cheerios this morning. I could drink a 1/2 gallon of milk a day right now - I picked up some soy milk in addition to regular skim.

Breakfast was 1 cup cheerios and soy milk (unmeasured)

snack: 1/4 c cranberries and some water

Made Nick some saltless almond butter

Pre-lunch I had a Luna Bar - really into these right now

Lunch was leftovers - veggie crumbles, eggplant and beans with tomato sauce
Looks gross.

Post afternoon short run - protein +amazing grass shake w/ almond and soy milk

After we took Nick swimming - Dr Praegers.
Dinner: 2 slices of tofu and lentils with bulgar. Yum!!

Other things I ate - handful of pretzels, dove chocolate (1) and a cookie from the pepperidge farm holiday mix box, juice
Later I might have to have some Whole foods duplex cookies and maybe (?) a scoop of ice cream.

2030 calories
73.5g of fat (32%)
254.9g carbs (47%) - a bit high
108.7g protein (21%)

A little high on the carbs and fat - but met my protein goal!
Not going for a certain # of calories - just eat when I'm hungry and try to make smart choices!

Reflecting on the day -
had too much almond butter when I made it (tasting!)
more veggies needed!
green tea! (I lose interest in tea when I'm pregnant. weird)
Lunch was thrown together - would rather have something more square.
Pepperidge farm cookies need to go and pretzels - better snacks: FRUIT!

I challenge you to photograph one day of food and track your stats! (I used fitday but sparkpeople is pretty cool!)


  1. i love your lil man! he is so cute!!!

  2. I could never do that because I would be to humiliated for people to know the kind of crap that goes into my body ;)

  3. Nothing about food, but I was wondering if you've ever thought about joining a running club. i joined my club about 3 years ago and have never looked back. My running has improved and I just love having people to run with for a lot of my runs. It makes me really appreciate my solo efforts. It is my social life too and i'm even Ladies' captain. The social side of things is so important for me as I run my own tutoring centre so work collegues are my staff which is a slightly diff dynamic and as you know when teaching - adult conversation is non - existent!

    Just thought it might help you with being a stay at home mum and re inspire your running. I've gone from 10ks to a 53 mile trail race and discovered mountain running which is far more fitting with my personality - The Ben Nevis race being my highlight last year.Oh and one last thought as you were a rower your prob used to having a team around you.

    Some clubs aren't the right fit, but I'm sure there is one to suit.


  4. I would also be a little embarrassed to post my intake for the day (read: a LOT of food), but yours looks really balanced. Just make sure you're getting enough. You're growing a baby and working out!

  5. Is 2000 calories enough for you? I don't know your height or pre-preggo weight, and I know you know what's best for you, but considering how active you are, 2000 seems a bit on the low side for an active pregnant woman.

  6. I might have to try this tomorrow...and then post Friday! :)

  7. I don't think I could take pictures of everything I eat. i would certainly forget something. The shake looks wonderful. Nick is such a sweet baby.

  8. I was just thinking how I should post some of my food and recipes. I am horrible about it though! Love the pictures :-)

  9. I was just thinking how I should post some of my food and recipes. I am horrible about it though! Love the pictures :-)

  10. Mmmm, almond butter. Sit me down with a bag of pretzels, and I'd eat the entire thing.

  11. Your meals look really balanced and healthy. I love Dr. Praegers. I've become addicted to the burgers for my own lunch.

  12. I'm surprised that added up to 2000 calories, didn't seem like that much food!

  13. Looks like a healthy day! I am amazed by bloggers who keep track of and PHOTOGRAPH everything they eat!

  14. To do that I would need to find the day that actually has 25 hours in it.

    Great job tracking your diet.

  15. I couldn't do the whole food thing, I'm just not that organized with my food - good for you! Nick is soooo cute, love watching him grow here!