Foods, 11 miles, ankle

Food shopping from this week gave me a few things to share.

1 - picked up Breyers Smooth and Dreamy ice cream - well, I know it says 1/2 the fat, but it also says EXTRA CREAMY - that's not the case in my view. When you take a scoop it kind of breaks apart. So booo for this and I wish I bought the regular all natural! I have been an ice cream nut this time around.

2 - Stacy's Bare Naked Pita Chips. We got a huge bag of these at Costco and they totally looked strange to us - doubled up and very crunchy and dark. We found out that Costco Stacy's pita chips are different from elsewhere - they use doubled up pitas to make them! I like them.
3- The supermarket had THIS! Oikos Chocolate Yogurt! It was a 4 pack of 4 oz for $4. I thought it was 4 normal sized ones but they are smaller by 2 oz. I wasn't a huge fan of the chocolate but love the vanilla flavor and had it with some almond butter.

Today I went out for a "long" run outside with a friend. I hadn't done a run outside in about a month and it was so refreshing to get out there. I'm already slow and feel like I am slacking for this early on, but it felt like a pretty good run. We did 9 miles and I did 2 more in the afternoon inside. I hope the weather sticks around but it isn't looking good. I can't wait for warmer weather - 55/60 would be perfect! Post run I think I am going to be sore tomorrow, my ankle is bothering me, and my hips are kind of sore. I feel like my ankle has been deteriorating lately. Some days it hurts and other days it is fine. It didn't hurt in the morning run but I didn't know if I would make it through the 2 miles in the afternoon. I'm not sure what is going on with it. Anyone have ankle issues? It is the inside of my left ankle right below the big circle bone :)

What is your favorite:



  1. great job on the run!

    frozen yogert is my favorite ice cream!!! :)

    i cant wait till summer so the ice cream stores can open up again and i can eat SO much lol! :)

    take it easy on that body of yours... you got a little person inside! :)

  2. I'm with ya on the Bryers original. My fave for sure!! I had some cherry vanilla (I think) last night and OMG....THE GREATEST. Yum!!!

    Great job on the 11 miles....that's awesome!! I need to get out tomorrow morning and get a long run in to see how I"m doing. It's been a while for me...I will be dying for sure!

  3. Homemade vanilla or coffee ice cream is my favorite, but Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia is a definite store bought fav. I love Oikos strawberry and blueberry yogurts. Great job on your 11 miles!

  4. Nice job going back for your 2 miles. I would find that tough.

    And, ICE CREAM! Right now I've been eating Starbucks Java Chip. SO GOOD!

  5. did you see the ankle links on my blog? ankle pain sucks! but still you did 9 miles...i have done that exactly once since june 2008.

  6. I just had those pitas for the first time this week... yummy!! I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :-)

  7. You've got to try the Edy's slow churned stuff, it's really good!

    Do you think your ankle issues are from your ligaments loosening from the pregnancy??

  8. Great job on your run. It was a great day to run outside!

    I like ice cream but when in the mood I will eat whatever I get my hands on.

  9. That's awesome that you got 9 miles in! Not sure about the ankle, maybe you should get it checked out.

  10. Ice cream is my favorite. Hands down, no contest.

    As for the ankle, I don't know what's bothering you but as soon as I feel even a slight twinge I start doing ankle strengthening exercises like writing the alphabet by moving my foot.

  11. 10 votes for ice cream! :)

    nice job on the 9-miler

  12. we just got some breyers and it was awesome, super creamy

  13. Both!
    But i agree on the Breyer's a huge disappointment. I Get the Edy's or maybe it is Dreyer;s in your area, but it is still lower fat but churned and smooth.

    The ankle bone area you refer to could be achilles tightness as that tendon has fascial attachments along your calcaneus, the heel bone. Try stretching out your calves really well and doing some soft tissue massage to the area along your heal, you will know if it is soft tissue based when you do that.

    Good luck:)

  14. I love frozen yogurt, but since I live in a pretty rural, not-health-conscious place, they usually don't stock frozen yogurt in the grocery store!

    Congratulations on baby #2! I suspected for a while, but I haven't been keeping up with my blogs lately and then just saw your pregnancy post today!

  15. I pretty much adore all ice cream, frozen yougurt, and sherbert :)

  16. you put me to shame mama! i was exhausted after nine yesterday~ it's such a tiring time of year -- and i can't imagine the extra energy you need while pregnant and with a little one to care for!

  17. I like the Edy's Slow Churn which less fat but still tastes awesome!

    Nice job on the run!