Wow, I was floored with the number of comments and people that came out of the woodwork to share experience or say Congrats! Thank you!

I found out about this pregnancy 2 days after I did an 8.4 mile race in Philly with my sister. I could not keep the pace and my sister was running with me easily (usually I am too fast for her). I was dying and thinking I hate running the whole time! Then I had random heartburn so I took a test and woila - positive. This was the week of the Philly marathon! I went to the dr immediately and asked about running the marathon and he said it would be fine. So this peanut ran a marathon with me in his/her early days :) (we won't find out this time either - that was definitely fun).

So far, the 1st trimester has been the exact same as with Nick. I am so lucky - I have no sickness, no symptoms to the point where I was definitely shocked to see a little fetus on the ultrasound. I mean, I am tired and feel like I already have a gut but I never lost the last few pounds with Nick so that plus starting over - I'm already psyched to get back in shape at the end of the summer! I have the same weird cravings - bag the oatmeal or bulgur for breakfast - bring in the cheerios and milk. I have to have it. Veggies make me nauteous - mostly greens what I usually love - kale, broccoli, spinach. I can do mushrooms, tomatoes...and I'm trying to be creative. Lots of beans. I could eat pizza every night. And ice cream. I wish my sister never brought me to that Sprinkles place! Toast, butter and cheese are what I crave. And every night, I have a whole foods duplex cookie. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and I needed duplex cookies. I definitely went through almond butter overload, so I don't need it everyday (but Nick does!)

Exercising has SUCKED! I just don't feel like doing it but I know I want to stay fit throughout, so I have been forcing myself to do something everyday. Running has been very blah - treadmill and forcing down the miles. But I do have to say that my pace has stayed consistently in the 9s which wasn't too much slower than my fall times. Next fall I'll work to get my speed back - or spring 2011. Swimming - since I moved to the slower lane - feels great! I am burnt out from running but I'll keep doing it because it is the easiest thing to do before Nick wakes up (with the treadmill in the basement). The day goes by so quickly and is so busy w/ Nick so I have to get it done first thing anymore.

My milk supply decreased right around the time I found out I was pregnant. I could not find anything about that happening online though!

I'll keep you updated! Those moms out there with two - was your second pregnancy just like your first?


  1. No, actually I was really sick with my second pregnancy and just a little sick with my second. I also gained a little less with my 2nd (22 instead of 31). And the end was more uncomfortable. Maybe thats because I was carrying a 17-20 month old around all the time and never could relax! Oh, and the emotion roller coaster was way more intense with #2, maybe thats cause I was nervous about what was to come. But, like I said before, it really has worked out. Number 2 was the easiest baby and blended well into the family. And the boys couldn't be better friends!

  2. So funny, I found out I was pregnant with Kain the same way! I went for a run and was sucking wind after a mile. I thought to myself NO WAY, a mile? Took a test and sure enough, pregnant!

    My two pregnancies were polar opposites in every imaginable way. I was CONVINCED #2 was a girl, because it was so different. But here I sit with two beautiful baby boys!

  3. my friend jessica is due in may with #2 (#1 turned 1 today!) and her has been the same. she's 22 weeks i think and only now starting to show, like before she says. ooh, this is making me want to go for #2!!! maybe this summer!

  4. I missed the announement, but CONGRATS!! You'll be fit and active the entire time again. You're totally my role model like that.

  5. I'm due in March & this preg. is totally opposite from my 1st - 100 times more enjoyable. I am a lot more active so I feel much better this time! Also, hopefully you'll find the time goes by faster since you're distracted by taking care of Nick!

  6. I've got five lovely children (most of the time, ha!), seven pregancies (two earlish miscarriages) ... they were all pretty similar, I wasn't particular active back then though (my youngest is 8yo now) so can't help with any exercise tips ;)

    First three were boys, 2nd two girls, only difference was I felt nauseous a lot sooner with the girls and pretty continuously for the first trimester. With the boys I was more nauseous but only for a few weeks - from about 8-11wks.

    Congratulations and enjoy, those pregnancy and baby times go by all too quickly!

  7. I have 3 kiddos. The first two pregnancies were about the same. I ran for about half of the pregnancy and then my weight became an issue and my energy level. I was healthy, babies both healthy, natural deliveries, unassisted. The third was different in that I ran the entire time. Up to the day before I delivered. I gained half as much weight. I delivered a month early. But with no complications for me or baby.

    In little ways, each experince was it's own so enjoy this little's journey into the world as unique.

    As for the breastfeeding, your hormone level after conception probably accounts for the lack of production.

    Congratulations again and enjoy!

  8. What is it with being pregnant and food? I can't believe all the similarities. I craved Honey Nut Cheerios with ice cold milk at night. I could have eaten pizza all the time, but I it had to have a lot of tomato sauce...and ICE CREAM! It wasn't so much the taste of the ice cream, but the texture and the coldness of it. It is weird. All 3 of my pregnancies have been the same...no sickness, easy peasy pregnancies. I have 3 boys, not sure if that's why they were all the same or if it is just par for the course for me. And I love going to the hospital for the delivery...so much fun to see the baby and have everyone wait on you hand and foot...ahhhh....Yeah, there is a little pain, but that's why you have an epidural.

    I was also repulsed by veggies. I am usually totally into eating my veggies and salads, but when I am pregnant...gag reflex. Hence, I gained 45-50 lbs with each pregnancy (I am 5'11" so I think I should be allowed to gain a little more than the average woman ;) But I lost it all with each child.

    I also usually quit exercising while I was pregnant...it was just too hard. I was always worried about my heart rate getting too high and plus, I just didn't feel like it...no motivation whatsoever.

    Ok, there you have it...you aren't alone in your food cravings, food repulsions, etc.

  9. Ok, so next time when I start reading in your posts about craving cereal and pizza I'll know you're pregnant again LOL

    Congrats again! You are an inspiration of a fit pregnant mama! Hopefully I can keep active next time around.

  10. How exciting! It sounds like a pretty exciting journey so far - cant wait to hear how the next months go :)

  11. I forgot to tell you...you need a pregnancy ticker on your blog!

  12. For the most part they were the same. The amount of nausea/fatigue in the first trimester was the same, but the cravings/food aversions were different.

    I did notice my stomach showed much sooner...15-16 weeks with the second as opposed to 26 weeks for the first. Belly the first go around was the size as with twins but Ryan was over a pound smaller and shorter in length. Gained about the same amount of weight..maybe 5 lbs less the second time.

  13. OMG CONGRATS!!!! You're due 2 months after me. Well that explains the toast cravings and veggie aversions:) I was the same way the first trimester...thinking about or looking at a salad made me nauseaus. So exciting!!!

  14. I'm late to congratulate you, but congratulations!!!! So exciting!

  15. Hi,

    You are so lucky to be only a bit puffed. that's how I was for the first 6 weeks and I too thought my God I feel like I'm running through treacle I must be preggers (I had had 2 negative tests) and that day when I had really struggled my test was positive. Then after week 6 or 7 I did not know what hit me - a bus or something. I'm usually out running 5 days a week and for pretty much 6 weeks I was flat on my back feeling like I was going to die! I was terrified it was going to last 9 months,but things are much better now in T2.

    That is so funny you couldn't stand veggies - I was the same - couldn't abide them and I still feel iffy about broccoli. I got to the point where I was practically crying as I couldn't face anything, but if didn't eat was so nauseas - oh boy it was unpleasant.

    Anyhoo - onwards and outwards. Hope your cravings ease off soon. Take care.

  16. This is so exciting and wonderful news! I'm so happy for you guys natalie! :)

  17. I ate Lucky Charms every night for my entire first tri. And ZERO veggies or meat. Couldn't stand it.

    Fast-forward to week 32 and I ate a giant steak and broccoli tonight. It was SO good.

    Dude, I still am in shock you are pregnant again. I'm so happy for you!!!

  18. Wow oh wow congrats!! Zoe told me about your pregnancy on our run this weekend..

    You know my second pregnancy was very different. Baby #2 moved much more, I had carpal tunnel which was PAINFUL, and the delivery and recovery was EASY!! I also lost the baby weight much faster.

    It is AMAZING that you ran a Marathon with your peanut, that is a story she/he will cherish..

    Hugs and congrats.

    I too crave ice cream when I am prego, hence the 60+ weight gain every time..

  19. You are amazing that you ran in your first tri! From what I hear, that is pretty hard to do when you're not feelin' too hot!
    Great job!

  20. I am so excited for you! I have heard from a lot of people that your breast milk supply will decrease with a pregnancy. In fact, when I went to the doctor because I was concerened about my milk supply that was the first test that we did. Congratulations :-)

  21. I'm so chuffed for you.

    I did an 95-mile ultra marathon when I was 10 weeks pregnant with Cairn and doesn't seem to have affected him.

    Hope you are well. I would say rest and take it easy...but I doubt you would :-)