DHA seems to be the new thing - my doctor gave me prenatal samples with DHA in them, and then I saw them in milk at the grocery store.


DHA is a fatty acid, naturally occuring in some fish and:
  • For the developing fetus and infants, it is essential in brain functioning & nervous system development & visual abilities
  • supports brain, heart and eye health
  • starts accumulating in the 2nd trimester in baby's brain (Horizon site)

Pregnant women are now recommended to get 200mg DHA/ day.
It is said that it is hard for children to reach their daily value.

What do you think?
I had never heard of DHA until about 2 months ago, which means with Nick I did not take any supplements and since I do not eat fish, I probably did not have much of it, if any. Is it the new fad or trend or something just coming out that is important?

When I went on my coupon search a few weeks ago, there was a coupon for HORIZON DHA WHOLE MILK, and they had it at Whole Foods so I tried it for Nick's bottles.
I also tasted it myself, and it tastes no different than your standard organic whole milk. We were already buying their normal organic milk without DHA. I also came across it in SILK's soy milk, but I started taking in too much soy and stopped buying that.

Are you interested in trying Horizon's Chocolate Milk + DHA Omega 3? Leave a comment below telling me what you think about DHA - had you heard of it? What do you think?

Mike from Horizon sent me a free coupon to try it out, but I have been unable to find it locally, even at my Whole Foods.

I will mail one lucky winner(selected at random) a free coupon for the chocolate milk! I will pick and post on Friday Feb 19, my due date with Nick!

For more info on the milk and DHA, click here. Also check out Horizon products coupons here. You will have to register first.


  1. That's odd that you hadn't heard abou it previously. When I was pregnant, my prenatals had a DHA supplement. And everyone I know who's been preggo in the last few years did too.

  2. I have heard of this, but not too much. Very interesting.

  3. oh my, next to taking a good multi vitamin DHA/EPAs are the most important thing you should take!

    I have taken DHA/EPA for years. I take 600mg DHA and 1200 mg EPA in the blend I take. I have also given my son DHA gummies since he was 11 months old.

    200 mg for DHA when you are pregnant is really low I think. Not only do YOU need them but it is also so important for the baby as well.

    Ask any cardiologist and they will tell you how important DHAs are. If you have any heart problems in your family you should seriously consider taking them all the time (although I'm a firm believer of everyone taking them anyway).

    And I don't care how much fish a person does consume, they really do not know for sure how much DHA's they are getting bc after all the fish is cooked.

    ok........see now,you got me started...lol

  4. I get my supplements at Whole Foods. I think that two of the WF brand fish oil supplements have the amount recommended for pregnant women. They're made from small fish so as to avoid the whole mercury issue.

  5. Hmm, I haven't heard of DHA, but I do take a fish oil supplement, so I wonder if it is in those pills.

  6. I took DHA with Luke. Ask your OB- enfamil makes 'expecta' lipil which is a DHA supplement. I got a bunch of samples from them. They would know where to buy it too. I don't think it's a fad, I think it's just something that wasn't researched enough and is just getting press recently. We LOVE Horizon milk in this house :) :)

  7. I heard about DHA and my OB said there wasnt much study on it yet, but that it "wouldnt do any harm". Essentially, they dont know for sure it makes things better (the link is in brain development, I believe) but there are some signs pointing to the suggestion it does. No matter what, there do not appear to be any negative consequences to DHA ... so why not :)

    Now as for Horizon Milk, I actually have heard some bad things about them and their lack of meeting true organic standards. Because of that we don't buy Horizon products ...

  8. have you checked the regular grocery store? i'm pretty sure our Giant sells that.

  9. I took a DHA pill when I was pregnant along with my vitamin. I now use organic whole milk with DHA for Emma. It is supposed to be good for brain development.

  10. My prenatals had DHA, too. I'll have to look for that organic whole milk for my little man!

  11. chocolate milk freak right here!! DHA?!? sounds good to me!

  12. Glad you made the pancakes and that you're happy with the results! Thank you for telling me!!

    Another lady told me too that she hardly needed syrup which is great :)

    Congrats on the walking babe too!

    And sleep, well as a mom, I never get enough but am so busy whether I get 5 or 7.5 hrs, I just have to press on and deal!