Saving on shopping!

I had my first grocery trip of the month on Monday - now I was also buying things for Nick's party this weekend, but it was around the same amount that I normally spend. Before I went, I went through every item on my list and went to see if I could find an online coupon or had one from the store. I also looked at the circular so I knew what was on sale.
Some great sites that I found were:


I saved $15 in coupons! My grocery store also doubles coupons up to a dollar so this was great!

Meal planning week 2 is going well! This week looks like:

Monday: Tofu w/ green beans and potatoes
Tuesday: Spinach Artichoke Quiche with black beans and tomato sauce
Wednesday: Turkey Burger (Bill), black bean sliders (me and Nick) with bulgar
Thursday: Salmon and leftover black bean sliders
Friday: Pita pizzas!
Saturday: Nick's birthday party food
Sunday: leftovers

I've added nutritional yeast to my egg white omelet (decent) and a scoop to tonight's sliders.
It reminds me of the cheese popcorn you get in a big tin.

As far as my challenge, I'm still struggling on my veggies and fruits. If I were not pregnant, I don't think it would be as bad a problem - I'm definitely just not into them !! If I hit a salad bar I think I would do a better job though.

My ankle and knee are just two sore spots that I am keeping my eye on and need strengthening!
Today's swim was great because not many people went out in the 1-2 inches of snow that arrived through the night. I had a really good 2700 yds!

I'm considering the switch over to wordpress. Anyone have advice? So far, I just really do not find it user friendly.


  1. Nice work with meal planning. I got to get better about this!

  2. That is wonderful that you saved so much! I was just looking at redplum.com to see if I can start cutting coupons. I know it could save so much :-)

  3. I cut coupons every Sunday but never thought about checking on line. I'll have to do that!

  4. i love getting the target coupon books in the mail. i have their credit card and each month i get a book! if i think of it, i'll email you the next time i get it and i will send u the baby ones!

    im not sure what your asking about wordpress... shoot me an email because im confused. :)


  5. Way to go saving moolah! I love that your store matches coupons!

  6. Koodos to you on the coupons! I am definitely going to check out those sites! I love trying to save on groceries but coupons are my weakness!

  7. Wordpress is awesome and it was so easy to switch. I'll try to find an article for you about how much easier it is on WP.

  8. Good for you for meal planning! I've beenplanning 3 meals a week and just making whatever on the other nights. It takes a lot of work and...I'm so freaking indecisive! And, I HATED veggies basically my entire pregnancy. Barely ate any and I used to be a salad kind of gal (still haven't gotten it back...I love my sammies!).

  9. I am soooo bad about coupons - I think I need to suck it up and use them!
    Have a great party on Saturday!! I can't believe he is 1!!! :)
    P.S. DON'T go to wordpress! It doesn't always show up in my google reader :( I would hate to loose you!