Milk Winner & Vegan/Gluten Free Pancakes

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Pancake Sunday!
Today I tried these pancakes ala Avery and holy moly - they were awesome!!! I had been making all different kinds - protein pancakes - too dry, experimental pancakes, amazing grass pancakes - yea.. all were pretty terrible but these were AMAZING. And great for Nick too!

Avery's Vegan & GF Pancakes: (5 good sized or 8 minis)
In a blender (or if you are lucky enough, a Vita-Mix):

a chopped apple
a banana
1/4 cup almond or your choice of milk
1 T. flaxseeds


Obtain the rest of the ingredients and mix together while the blender mix sits for a few:
1/3 cup dry oatmeal
2 T. whole wheat flour (or flour of your choice)
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/4 cup almond milk (or choice milk)

Add these in and blend again. Let it sit for a few more minutes while you heat up the skillet.
Use coconut oil, or whatever you use on the pan so that it doesn't stick. I love coconut oil because a little bit seems to go a long way. Cook away! Avery suggested 4 minutes first side, 3 minutes second side.

Taste: you could taste the apple-banana flavors, very moist and sweet! No syrup needed! I did put some peanut butter on top. Haha.

THUMBS UP!! A must make.

NICK was a fan but he is really into dropping all his food on the floor!

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We are having a HEAT WAVE here - it's mid 40s!! I ran 3 miles outside today. It was sooo slow and I walked up the hill in my island circle here - with all of the snow I just ran 15 laps around my island - it felt SO good to be outside. I couldn't fathom another step on the treadmill. I can't wait for spring!


  1. Yay for perfect pancakes!

  2. Ugh, I can't wait for spring. So thankful for some 40 degree temps and sunshine to melt the mountains of snow still on our street.

    Those pancakes look pretty awesome.

  3. Love the pic of nick!! I ran outside today too- it was 42 and sunny... too bad we are getting 10 inches of snow tonight! *tears*

  4. LOVE the pancake recipe - going to make it for my guys!! xo Helen

  5. It's so "great" when they reach that age of discovering cause and effect. ...if I drop these __(fill in the blank)___ it goes splat on the floor & mommy comes over to get it!

  6. Hehehehe...we had pancake Sunday yesterday and I thought of you! My hubbs made me some organic TJ's when we got back from my long run and they were the tastiest pancakes ever :)
    Glad you were able to get outside to run!!! :)

  7. I've thoroughly enjoyed our 40-degree heat wave :) It's not enough to melt the dirty snow, but I'll take it anyway!

  8. Your pictures always look better than the description. :o) I should have you cook for me and NOT tell me what's in it.

  9. Hmm I made these and they didn't hold together at all. They just looked like cooked porridge. =( Any tips?