4 months post partum

4 months ago today, Nick was born! It has been a quick 4 months but it also seems like so long ago he came into our lives.

4 months later, I feel in a good place with running and fitness. I am just starting to work on speed and get some speed back and do some harder runs. I think that if I didn't run Boston in April, that maybe I would have been able to start speed training a little bit earlier. Lately, my knees have been bothering me a bit so my schedule has been to run 3-4 days a week, with longer mileage. I'll try to do 7 miles in the morning and 2 or 3 in the afternoon so that I'm taking more days to swim and do strength (Jillian). This seems to give my knees a break and is working so far.

Finally here around 4 months just like some of the moms out there told me, I'm starting to drop weight. It feels awesome, and my arms are getting toned from carrying around the baby and some help from Jillian. My abs are getting back into shape too - I really feel like Jillian workouts are helping! Yesterday I did the shred level 3 and the trouble spots one and I feel it today - I love that! I'm enjoying my bigger rack.... but there are times when I miss my flat chest.

June 2008

June 2009
Most days I am happy with my decision to stay home with Nick. I think it was the right one for me, however, some days are hard. It is hard for me to drive by schools during the day. I feel sick doing so. I feel like that was the old me and now this is the new me, but I will somehow find a place to combine the two as Nick gets older and more members are added to our family - I definitely want to be a teacher for life and don't plan on giving that up. I can't believe I have not been teaching for 4 months! This has been a transition but I don't think that I will regret this in the future. I just miss my job for sure!!

All in all, Nick has been a fantastic addition to our lives. :)

I hope that you will consider participating in my bake sale for Dana Farber coming up in July. I think it is going to be really fun!


  1. Four months already. Time really flies by. So, are you going to do a tri?

    Don't worry with the work decision. Things will calm down and before you know it you'll be teaching again. Just continue to enjoy this time with Nick. Very cool that you found a profession you love.

  2. Glad things are going well for you. i can't believe its been 4 months! having to lift nick definitely is a good way to tone those arms!

  3. Something definitely shifts a few months after the baby arrives and our bodies start to return to the old normal. Or better even. I'm amazed by the body's resiliency. Good for you, keeping up with the abs. I give up on abs.

    And as for the transition from work to home - I've been a little anxious about what next year will be like for me too. Today I watched one of my best classes graduate and sort of ate up the "your class meant a lot to me" compliments. Next year's rewards will be different - different meaning: I have no idea what to expect but hope it'll be great!

  4. You were my inspiration for working out while pregnant, and you're my inspiration for working out afterwards. Most woman wouldn't have even started working out at 4 months post-partum!

  5. oye you are going to have better abs than I've ever had ..and I don't have a baby!! ok i need you to start spilling your secrets! wait maybe it's that you run more than I do and chase a kid around, crap!

  6. Aren;t you amazed at how fast time flies when you have a baby??? Before you know it you'll be celebrating Nick's first birthday. :)

  7. You are doing great and look great. Keep up the great workouts.

  8. You look great! It takes a while for the abs to regain their tone. My whole midsection is just different post-baby. It's mostly normal but things have just shifted a bit.

  9. 4 months?!?! where has time gone! lil Nicky is gettin SO big! his beautiful blue eyes melt my heart every time i see a picture! he is adorable.

    your looking good and i'm glad your enjoying your time home. you've taken on a new hobby of cooking! and i bet your husband LOVES all these yummy treats too! :)

  10. i hate that we ALL question our decisions so much. we need to just go with the flow!!! but yeah, time is going crazy fast. meaning i have to wear a bathing suit soon...

  11. You look great and you're going through some major changes and handling them all really well. Be proud of yourself.

  12. wow 4 months already?!?! you look awesome girl, glad you are starting to feel better too!

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