Note to Self

So, I took Nick to the Y today to go swimming. Normally I have my suit in my bag - at least one of them. I rinse it there and use the machine thing that gets the water out of it and just keep it in my bag. After Wednesday I washed one of my suits and yesterday I took Nick swimming and rinsed that one at home... so I get to the locker room and have no suit. I do have a pair of Victoria's Secret colorful PINK underwear and 2 sportsbras in my bag... one of them kind of matched. I really didn't feel like running or doing other cardio. So... I just wore a sports bra and the bright striped underwear. You totally couldn't tell (except that it didn't match). TO make a long story short, I swam in that, had to go get the other sports bra to double up, but still felt like water was flying in my top and that I was going so slow. I actually stopped to see how fast the guy next to me was swimming because he kept passing me and he was OLD - and he looked like he was going pretty damn slow. And he was beating me. It was not a good swim. I did 1800 yards and couldn't wait to get out. So note to self: Make sure your bathing suit is in the bag before you leave the house.

The rest of the week, workouts were pretty good. Thursday's run seemed to fly by. Starting on Tuesday I got up at 6am to do the workout before Nick was up at 7:30, but that was the only day that Nick was up that late - rest of the week at 6 talking to himself and 6:30 to eat. It was great being able to get in the run uninterrupted.. but I don't think I'll be getting up at 5. I tried getting up this morning at 5 to go swimming, fully knowing I would talk myself out of it. I just lay in bed thinking, I will have to pump, only get to swim 45 minutes (with the masters team) and have to rush home to be home in time to feed Nick. The pumping part is annoying - I really hate pumping. But I really am tired of swimming alone too - so hopefully one of these days I can get there - been saying that for months now.

Thanks for the advice with the biking! I won't give up yet.

Lizzie sent me some Australian Anzac cookies earlier this week - they did not even last long enough to get a picture. They were delicious. She is donating some for the bake sale!! Look out for those amazing anzacs!! (BTW, I'm totally still looking for willing bakers!!)

I've been busy mostly baking this week - putting some things together for the giveaway and my own and Bill's enjoyment! One thing that I learned is that you shouldn't sub in canola oil for coconut oil.
It isn't the same.

Raw Chocolate Chip cookies
Sooo much better w/ the coconut oil

Homemade Lara Bars


  1. you've gotta stop, you're killing me... I want sweets so bad now!

  2. Your new swimsuit is just too funny ;-)

  3. I was all set to make some granola bars for a picnic I have this weekend but had trouble finding ingredients at our lame Giant today. No time to make it to whole foods either.

  4. Mmmm. yummy. Lovin' the new swimsuit. I would have canned my workout!

  5. You swam in your underwear? Classic.

  6. i wonder if the old guy kept passing you because he knew you were swimming in your underwear?

  7. That's awesome that you swam in your underwear! So, did you go home commando?

  8. DId you really swim in undies?! That's beyond awesome. Way to stay hardcore. :o)

  9. I love it! Way to go! You are hardcore. I can totally understand it not feeling right though. Sometimes after a hot run, i'll jump in the pool with sports bra and underwear on-- looks just like a speedo swimsuit but feels so strange.

    i'm pretty sure i have more revealing swimsuits but always feel weird in my bra/panties. wth?