Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

Today is my blog's first birthday! : ) It has been a fun year!

A special shoutout to my longtime followers, since the very beginning, D10 and Aron! Thanks ladies! You are inspiring!

You've followed me through
  • my parents and inlaws trip to Maine
  • running while pregnant
  • being pregnant and antipregger esp maternity clothes!
  • attempting to run the Philly marathon 28 weeks pregnant (did the 1/2)
  • giving birth to Nick
  • running the Boston marathon
  • deciding whether to work or take some time off with Nick
  • thinking about doing my first tri
Thanks for all of your support! It has been great to have all of you to turn to!

I'll have a birthday giveaway coming up this week, I haven't decided what it will be yet, but stay tuned!

Some fast running this weekend has helped to keep me motivated... I just plugged in a training plan for the Steamtown Marathon in October which starts today but today is a non running day for me, so we'll start that tomorrow! This one is from smartcoach and based on my last 5k time. I feel like there was somewhere where you could put your goal time and come up with a plan based on that. Anyone know anything about that? I am definitely incorporating Monday "off" days where I will do yoga only. I will otherwise burn out.

The master's board was missing today and I was not feeling it at all! I did 2500 yds but it was brutal. 45 min.

Not as good as a couple weeks ago, but still hitting up the produce place and eating good veggies and fruits. I've had a few bad eating days lately, mostly the end of last week. I picked up some hemp protein powder at Trader Joe's to switch it up from my Aria protein powder. I've made 2 smoothies with it so far, and you really can't taste it. Hemp has similar benefits as flaxseeds and is said to be good for athletes and vegans/vegetarians for those Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids!

Smoothie - hemp powder, kale, 1/2 banana, almond milk + skim milk - it was green!

Where can I find one of those bike trainer things and how much do they run?


  1. Congrats on your 1 year! I never got it to do a plan around my goal time, but you can put in your goal time and it will spit out your pace. That's all I've gotten it to do. I'm trying the Rookie's Training Plan on there. Did you ever try that one? It's a lot more daily running that the Smart Coach schedule so not sure what's better. What day is your marathon? Mine's Oct. 4 so I'm nervous just giving myself 15 weeks. I hope it's enough for my 1st!

  2. And by the way, I find YOU inspiring. How you ran, did yoga, and swam all through your pregnancy. Did the Boston soon after giving birth! Truly inspirational. I'm scared about the marathon, but I think about you and just giving birth and still nursing, I need to suck it up and just do it!

  3. Congrats on your one year! Your blog was one of the very first running blogs I ever found, so nannersbread will always have a special place in my heart. :o)

    Also, I totally want a bike trainer, so hopefully you get loads of good info.

  4. go to your local bike shop for advice, they can help the most. then look online if you want once you know what you're looking for. i think mine was about $400 - way cheaper than a treadmill (but not used nearly as often as a tmill would be!).

  5. Dont' worry too much about the weird food cravings. If anything, your body might be needing something from one of them - any particular pattern you can see?
    Oh, and congrats on one year! I've only be reading the last 3 or 4 months and I absolutly love it!

  6. Happy one year on the blog!!

  7. YAY happy blog birthday!!! its been so fun following you along this whole time :) you have gone through a lot in the past year and you are so amazing! i hope to be like you someday when i am preggers :)

    yay marathon training!!

  8. I didn't realize that your blog and I share a birthday :)

    So, does that mean you're officially in for Steamtown???

  9. oh oh giveaway some of your homemade goodies!

  10. Congrats on your 1 year blogiversary! Wahoo!

    About the bike trainer... mine is a cycleOps (Wind version); the Fluid would be top of the line I believe.

    It just depends on what you are looking for. The ONLY reasons why I got one is because I HATE riding those upright bikes at the gym, and it is winter about 8 months out of the year here. The weather isn't always great for cycling outdoors. But, I do like mine. I think I paid about $185 for mine.

    Check with your local bike shop and make sure you let them know what kind of bike you have!

  11. I'm doing the Portland Marathon which is MP3 friendly. I couldn't imagine running a marathon without my tunes!

  12. Happy Blog Birthday!!! I finally remembered to put my flaxseed in the fridge this morning after using it in my oatbran - thanks!

    Your blog is inspiring - excited to see what the next year brings!

  13. Happy Birthday Lil Runner blog! hahaha :) I dont remeber when i started reading your blog, but its been atlesat since last july or august! Its been great getting to know you and following your adventure of mommyhood!

    Marathon training? SWEET! I bet your stoked!! :)

  14. Happy Blog Birthday. You should check eBay for a trainer. They rang in price from 100 to a couple hundred bucks. The fluid trainers are quieter than wind trainers. I have a Kurt Kinetic and that thing is going on 5 years and is bomb proof. They also quickly sent me a part when mine broke, no questions asked.

  15. Don't you just love Trader Joe's I love that Pacific Organic Almond I buy like 4 at a time. I haven't ever tried hemp before does it taste like wheat grass? Anywho thanks for stopping by and for me I like to grind wheat germ up in my magic bullet and mix it in with what ever I might be using bread crumbs or flour in cookies, meatloaf, breading chicken or fish just whatever. :)

  16. Happy blog bday!!

    Are you running steamtown? I was thinking about it but not sure with my goals for a BQ at Philly. If I run it, it would just have to be a training run, I think.

  17. Happy blog birthday!! Your swims kill me, you are so fast.

    I really want to get a bike trainer too. It would make things easier especially with Morgan. Right now, I can get outm, but once the winter hits it'll be a must have. You can google them and/or go to the local bike shop. I think they range from $100 up.

  18. Congratulations on 1 year!!!!!!! In fact... HAPPY BLOG-IVERSARY!

  19. happy blog birthday! i found your blog from aron & d10--great inspiration!! I'm also hoping to run Philly this year.

  20. Hey Natalie - this is Karla. I've got a fluid Kinetic trainer at home too. I really like it. No problems at all. I think mine was around $275 a couple of years ago. You could also get a bike trailer when Nick gets a little older and pull him around which makes a great workout! I started doing that with Azalia a couple of weeks ago and she loves it!

  21. Happy blog birthday!! A day late :-(

  22. I just noticed your bike trainer question -- I second AK's suggestion to check eBay or craigslist. I got mine from a thrift store for free -- they didn't know what the heck it was and nearly offered to pay me just to explain it and haul it away! Mine's old (10+) and not the quietest, but I use it in the basement anyway so I don't care whether it's fancy.

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