Jillian abs, kale

My abs are sore today from Jillian round 3. Yeha!! Love working on getting my abs back!


Today I worked on speed for the first time. I did a bunch (didn't count) of 1/2 mile repeats with 1/4 mile in between recovery/slower jog. How do you work on speed? What types of workouts do you do?


Yesterday I was very unmotivated after doing around 300 yards, and I trekked through the workout that was on the board, but I think it was a crappy workout. It called for 12 x 100s. 12? I can get through maybe 6 and not be bored, but 12? So I had to make up my own thing to get through the yardage. I did 4 total laps of fly yesterday - I know I'm getting there when I can do one lap straight of it, so I was able to do that 4 times for 75s - we're on our way here! I really need to swim with other people. I might try to go tomorrow to the masters - but I say that almost everyday.

I found a yummy kale recipe. It called for cannelini beans and kale. I used my soaked pinto beans instead. Boil the kale - a bunch of it - for 8-10 min or till firm. Put aside. In the same pan, use olive oil and a clove of garlic (minced). Add a couple sprinkles of rosemary(this is terrible, I rarely measure things out unless I'm baking). Then add in 1/2 cup of white cooking wine. Cook until the wine cooks down a bit, and it is a little bit syrupy. Add in the beans and kale and cook till heated through and the wine is soaked up. YUM!!

I went to the store today (gave in) but mostly for next week. I bought some brown rice syrup and I plan to try these out later. I passed on the agave nectar for this time. That stuff is expensive!

I'm thinking of doing an online auction similar to OSG to see if I can raise anymore money towards my Boston Marathon. I'm short of my goal of $5k by around $1200 and really believe in the cause.
Stay tuned for that.


  1. Swimming can get boring, especially when your swims get longer. Try to mix it up with some speed work, or even doing something like 1 length of the pool easy and then go back swimming as fast as you can!

  2. I fail at swimming. I would probably drown if i tried. I give you mad props for rocking it girl!

  3. I use my stopwatch for speed training (just started at this a couple of months ago. At the moment I sprint for about 20 seconds then recover at normal pace (though this is often pretty SLOW by the end) for 40, then repeat. Usually do that for about a mile, mile and a half. The other day I felt good enough to do 14 sets, where I normally so around 8. That's usually a total run of about 4-4.5 miles (warm up for 2, speed training for 1.5 and then recovery 1 mile to finish.

    I need to pick up the swimming in the winter again - it's really good. No suggestions for the boredom though, sorry! Sounds like it might have just been the workout format though.

  4. Your cooking photos are so inspiring!! Question for you: do you need weights or anything for the Jillian DVD??