Post 5k

1 day post 5k - holy crap, I am sore. I have shin splints and my hamstrings and quads are sore!! I need to get training faster! I walked a bit today w/ Nick & my sister and her dog, and was seriously breathing heavily walking up hills (What?!) and swam 3000 yds. I'm still waiting to see if I placed in my age group on Sunday, it was a small crowd. The results aren't posted yet.

Thanks for your help with the tri questions - a tri is in my future, but not sure when/where yet. I always said I'd do a tri in waters like Hawaii. I might look for an indoor one for now, or just a local one that is cheap.

I decided I'm bipolar in terms of how I feel day to day about being home. I want to be working and doing what I love, but I know that that means leaving Nick, which I don't want to do. Sometimes I think about how by next September I'll be dying to go back to work and sometimes I think it will be impossible to go back after being home for a year and a half, and impossible to leave Nick and I consider the thought of taking as much time as possible to watch my kid(s) grow up while I can. Other days I think how can I minimize the time that I am not working. Some days it is hard to leave Nick in the gym daycare for an hour and other days I need the life that I used to have. I think I am struggling to make the connection that although I'm the same person, my life is totally different. Some people can go on working and resume their old life, but for some people, the old person ceases to exist and the baby changes everything. I'm somewhere in between and seeking some balance and I'm getting there (most days).

I made more hummus today. This weekend I made stuffed peppers for the first time (with bulgar, parmesan cheese, and mushrooms) - these were really good! This week's plan is to make some black bean brownies. I haven't found the recipe that I want to use yet - there are tons out there. Let me know if you have seen a good one!

I made Nick homemade brown rice cereal today (thanks Mama Simmons for some help with that). He seemed totally into it! I was pretty excited to give it to him. THe video is too long and wouldn't upload.


  1. I couldn't imagine the difficulty you are going through with the decision to stay home another year. That's a hard decision. I can tell that you are a teacher that truly enjoys your job, but also a mother that doesn't want to miss out on anything in little Nick's life. I am sure everything will work out for the right reason.

  2. oooh, I've been curious about the black bean brownies on 101cookbooks.com, but just haven't gotten around to them. I like that they're presented as being genuinely good in their own right, not just as some tolerable way to hide healthier food in treats. Post what you make!

    So happy to see you're looking into a tri too :)

  3. Oh yeah, forgot I was going to ask: What is your swim background? Just curious (and envious :)

  4. Sorry to hear that your sore! That just means you worked hard! I try to remember that when i'm sore! :-)
    I'm sure being a SAHM is really hard. I cant imigine. But then in the same sense, i can. I totally can understand where your coming from, and if you ever need to vent, this is the place to do it! :) Great job with the race again!!! :)

  5. I was thinking about the same thing about if we lived closer. We definitely have similar paces and attitude about working out.

    Plus, if you lived closer you could give me tips on the swimming. I really need to build some speed.

  6. It's crazy how sore you can get from pushing yourself through a 5K. Taking some walks is a great idea.

  7. I think most women struggle with the decision about whether to return to work or not, so I'm sure you're not alone. Is there a way to create a schedule that compromises part-time work and daycare with part-time stay at home status?

  8. Once every few years we have an alumni softball game. All it takes is one sprint down to first base, and I'm sore for DAYS.

    Good luck finding that magic balance. I'd love to know your secret when you figure it out. :o)

  9. Hope you are feeling less sore soon!

    I am sure that when I get around to having kids I will struggle with deciding when to go back to work, or staying home all together. Its a tough decision but you can always go back to work later. You will never lose your teaching skills!

  10. I don't think there's an easy decision for anybody. All I can say is to look in your heart, decide what's best for you and your family, and make peace with the fact that you won't love your decision every day.

  11. I don't have a baby and feel like it's hard to get my friends to be consistently involved in my life..maybe I need to find more runners huh?

    can't believe you are so sore, that surprises me

  12. Honestly, I feel bi-polar about being back at work. Sometimes I feel broken-hearted about leaving Nathan and other times I am totally fine with it. The grass is always greener on the other side!