more OWATER & CREAMY homemade nut butter

If you read about infused Owater here or here, I'd like to tell you about unsweetened owater. The kind people at Owater sent me this to try and a fun t-shirt! The infused owater has 9g of sugars, of which I wasn't huge on. Bring in the unsweetened water! The taste is not as sweet (obviously) as the infused owater, but it still has that hint of taste. Think watered down Fruit -2 - 0 without the artificial sweeteners. I found it tasted better mixed with some pomegranate (too sweet) juice. It gives it some extra flavor and makes a nice mix. It also contains electrolytes so still makes for an excellent post run drink.

The sport water is another option, made only of purified water and electrolytes. I had this after my 10 miler on Saturday and it just tasted like water - but the extra bonus, I was getting electrolytes in there too!

I think... give it a try if you are on the market for a post run/race drink and want to switch it up from your high fructose gatorade and stay away from sugars! It is VERY refreshing!


This weekend was busy, but I made some bean patties on Friday night and sweet potatoes.

Tri-ing: Well, I was into looking for one until I realized how expensive these things are. I was kind of turned off. I'll keep thinking about it for now.

Next up - I'm looking for a recipe for veggie burgers. Not bean burgers, but veggie burgers like Dr. Praegers at Trader Joes. They seem hard to make, so I might just keep buying those for now.

HOMEMADE NUT BUTTERS - Nanner's nutters
In the past with my nutters, I've added pecans at first, and then hemp oil to make the nutters more creamy. This morning I added in 1/2 crazy richards and 1/2 of my already homemade flax peanut butter. Well today I discovered that the more you food process it, the creamier it will get. So this means patience is the key! This took about 8-10 minutes. See figures 1-8 below: Almond butter. Very creamy, and allover YUM.

Figure 1: almonds in the food processor - period.

Figure 2: getting grainy and looking dry

Figure 3: hardening and looking dry still

Figure 4: breaking up and getting more creamy

Figure 5: oh, yum

Figure 6: even more yum!

Figure 7: with some added flax and scraped down the bowl

Figure 8: final product into an old peanut butter jar
Love the recycling

You can bet nanner's nutters will be involved in the bake sale auction coming up July 20!!
Any more bakers? Several people have volunteered with some fun things - thank you thank you !!


  1. I had some Gu2O today, and I'm pretty sure it seriously screwed with my pipes. Bad times. This Owater may be a much better bet.

  2. I'll have to check into this! I love that your sharing all your food with us! :)

  3. I tried to make almond butter yesterday but did it in my little food processor and don't think they had enough room to process. I added a touch of skim milk to try to moisten it a bit. Did you add any oil to the batch you made yesterday?

  4. oh man i don't think the magic bullet could cut it..otherwise oh baby that looks good