Glonuts & Tris

Thanks for the tips from yesterday's post- especially that it is only temporary, I have to keep reminding myself this and make the best of it. I don't know why this adjustment is so hard for me!

Triathlon questions -

do you need a wetsuit/triathlon outfit?
How does it work with the bike - you bring it the day before?
I have a bike, I think it is a mountain bike. What kind of bike should I have?
Is the swim like dodging kicks the whole time or do you really swim?
I would love to do a pool swim tri - anyone seen any of those? Does that even count?

Glonuts - followed Angela's recipe but used Agave nectar for the sugar, and had no maple syrup so used brown rice syrup. My icing wasn't the best consistency, it kind of fell off to the side, but these were tasty! I want a doughnut pan now!

These look messy but were tasty!

Running - my run was heartless today. I just kept telling myself if I ran faster I would be done quicker, but that didn't seem to motivate me. I did 7 in the morning on the TM and 3 in the early afternoon. I couldn't wait to be done (which wasn't fun).


  1. do you need a wetsuit/triathlon outfit?
    Depends on the race. If the water is warm enough, you can do the whole thing in a bathing suit (I usually do). But if it's cold, you want a wetsuit!

    How does it work with the bike - you bring it the day before?
    Again, depends on the race. Usually little races (like the ones you would want to start with) you just bring your bike with you morning of. Big races, drop off the day before.

    I have a bike, I think it is a mountain bike. What kind of bike should I have?
    Mountain bike is fine for your first sprint distance race. Usually those bike rides are only like 10-12 miles. Do a sprint race first before going out and getting a road or tri- bike. :)

    Is the swim like dodging kicks the whole time or do you really swim?
    It can be ugly at first, but once it spreads out a bit you're really swimming. Sounds like you are a good swimmer too so you wouldn't have a problem at all.

    I would love to do a pool swim tri - anyone seen any of those? Does that even count?
    Of course it counts! I did a pool swim one when I lived in AZ, but here the ocean is so readily available that there's no need for pool swim.

    You might look and see if there is a triathlon club in your area that you could hook up with to help you pick out a fun short race to start with. :)

  2. The first (and only to this day) triathlon I have ever done was an indoor one. And man, was that the way to start! It was great because it was all based on time. Swim 10 minutes, bike 30 minutes, and run 20 minutes. Do you have Lifetime Fitness Gym within the area? They usually do indoor triathlons!


    I agree with Mama Simmons. Do a sprint tri before purchasing a different bike. If you are hooked on triathlons after that first one, then I suggest going out and getting a road bike. You will feel the difference immediately... lighter weight = faster and less work!

    You asked about dodging kicks, punches and so forth in the swim. This can be true. Depending on how big of a triathlon it is. Thus, I suggest finding an indoor tri to start with if at all possible.

  3. google the danskin triathlon series...philadelphia august 2nd! i'm doing it. a danskin was my first, i loved it...used a mountain bike...was VERY slow but it didn't matter, this series is GREAT for first timers, it's all happy and fun and you get all kinds of women doing it.

  4. So the recipe works in muffin pans?! FAB!

  5. Those glonuts look SO good!!

    I am also interesting in doing a sprint tri and had the same questions as you, so thanks for putting those out there! ISome of my running group friends have done Danskins as their first and loved them. I think if it's an all women event it kind of helps to put those first time nerves at ease.

    Your run yesterday sounds like a 5K I did last week - my short run definitely felt much longer!

  6. So does this mean you are going to try some tris? I am so excited!

    If you go to trifind.com they list tons of races. Good luck.

  7. you have fallen in love with miss angela's recipes, too funny! I finally took my turn at attempting some baking, I'm always afraid too because I want to eat it up so fast!!

    too bad about the poo run...but hey just think you could be slug like me so any run is a good run right?

  8. I can't help with any tri questions. Do an Ultra and maybe I can provide some advice.

    And those things look great! That is totally something I'd like!!

  9. Those treats look very yummy! I've been having some heartless runs lately, too...where you just can't wait to get them over with. I blame mine on the oven that is outside. Hope your next run is better!

  10. Are you gonna try a triathlon? You would be so good at it! I think you should!!! :) Yay!

  11. Yummy!! Those look messy and delicious.

    I'll take a stab at your tri questions!

    - You don't need a wetsuit, but it is nice. It makes you super floaty! It helps you swim faster and I think makes the swim less nerve-wracking since it is sort of like a life-jacket. You can rent a wetsuit for about $50. A tri outfit is just the shorts and top (or a one-piece, which I don't really like) which I would recommend, although you don't need it. It's nice to have bike shorts to protect your rear, and a fitted top dries quickly (you'll wear it under the wetsuit but it gets soaked) Plus you don't want looser running gear because it flaps around in the wind on the bike.

    You usually just bring your bike the morning of the race. You check in and set up your transition station about an hour+ before the start.

    A mountain bike is fine for a triathlon, I saw lots this weekend. But a road bike is way faster! For the same effort you just go faster (and your legs are fresher for the run) That is up to you and I wouldn't rush into it since it is a big investment.

    The swim is usually just a little contact-y at first, but after that you're usually on your own. You'll have to be looking up to make sure you're swimming straight, but I also keep my eye out for rouge off-course swimmers too!

    There are several "indoor" triathlons, usually early and late in the season when outdoor swimming isn't feasable. If you can find it that would be a great first tri!

  12. Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, really enjoy it. Anyway, you should def try a tri! I was just a runner before too, with swimming background, so the tri was a really fun way to mix it up.

    I don't like wetsuits, I find them too annoying to put on/take off in transition and I don't think they would make that big of a difference in my swim times.

    mt bike ok for race, but you will have a much better time on a road bike. they are $$, so if you can borrow one from someone to try out, that is the way to go. even if you have to train on your mt bike and just use the road bike sporadically in training and then on race day, it will be a much better experience.

    you will kick ass in the swim. most triathletes are weakest in swimming, you will be really surprised. anyone who swam as a kid, or swims regularly as an adult does really well on the swim leg of a tri. i am a slow biker and ok runner, but in tri's i've learned that i need to start at the front of the heat (something i would never usually do) b/c it is too frustrating getting stuck in a pack of people when you know you can go faster. they all get their revenge when they zip past me on the bike!

    ocean city,nj has a small tri in may each year that uses the pool for the swim leg. it's a good beginner's tri b/c you swim and then get a break waiting til everyone else swims. then everyone starts the rest of the race together and does a 2 mile run, 16 mile bike and another 2 mile run. it also has a kids tri, which is awesome to watch.

    also agree that DANSKIN tri's rock. i've done the one at sandy hook a few times and it is a great expereince.

    good luck!