Kind of a rough one!

This week was kind of a rough week emotionally. I've been trying to keep super busy, but this week I was at school or school functions 3 times and it killed me! Tuesday I took Nick to school to see the kids, Thursday night was our department party, and today I was there packing up my classroom. I am hurting! I keep doubting my decision and thinking I should have returned in September. I feel so lost without teaching. I still haven't heard anything from the letter that I sent. Next week I'll be heading back in to finish packing my room and for an end of the year luncheon. I think some closure will be good, but also, I'm just all over the place in my thoughts.

I had a really good swim on Wednesday and finished 3200 yards in 51:15. The workout had some good intervals on it, and even though I'm not as fast as I was, or maybe as I would be if swimming with others, I'm getting there. I really wish I could motivate myself to get up and go to the masters swimming. Nick's wake up just happens to be right in the middle of it most mornings, but when he sleeps later and we cut out that early morning feeding, I'll have to get going there!

Running has been blah this week. I haven't been very motivated to run fast, so I've been keeping it easy. Tuesday I did 8 miles before heading into school, 2 on Wednesday and 2 5 milers on Thursday. All of the runs were on the treadmill, it is so humid here, I plan to keep running on the treadmill until the humidity breaks!

I've been doing Jillian's shred level 3 two or three times a week. I kind of need to switch it up, but I love this workout. It is hard and makes me sweat!

I made some fun things this week, but I need to remember that even if they are healthier than the real thing (like chocolate chip cookies) - they are still a dessert, so go easy!

I'm going to rename the bake sale auction to BAKE FOR DANA(Farber). There are some exciting things to bid on, and I'm getting really excited, even though it is more than a month away!


  1. I think I missed it... what was the letter you sent?

  2. Sorry to hear you're struggling. I hope it gets better. Hang in there.

  3. I wish I could find the motivation to swim, I just kind of hate it. Ugh, I need to get back in the pool. Good job on getting the workouts in during a busy week.

  4. Its hard right now but you will eventually be able to go back and teach again. Enjoy the time now with your son.

  5. I'm sorry this has been a roung week. You will be able to teach again, but your never gonna get back that first year or two of his life. Sending hugs your way! XOXO

  6. Holy fastness! You rock in the pool.

    If you decided to go back to work you would probably be second guessing that decision too.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. grass is always greener...you seem to be getting "stuff" accomplished without a regular routine, something i stink at and why i know i wouldn't be happy not working (except for summer!). i'm not sure, but i think your pool speed was like double mine yesterday!!

  8. Can I have your swim speed?

    No one is certain about the decision to work/not to work. Give it time and just remember it's not permanent.