So long, Kashi Go Lean

Well, this is unfortunate, but I can't eat this stuff anymore. It was great for my protein but I couldn't figure out what was giving me terrible gas problems! It was this!

I went to the produce market again (Gentiles) and spent around the same amount ($25) - this place is great! I'm trying to only use what we have this week plus the new produce. Poor picture of the produce drawer. I bought - strawberries, grapes, nectarines, zucchini, kale (new one), broccoli, mushrooms, portabellos, potatoes, sweet potatoes, a jalapeno for Bill, and apples.
Last night I made my weekly spinach frittata but overcooked the spinach, I'm still going to try that tonight. I am planning on pairing some veggies with quinoa, bulgur and couscous, but these are like sides. I don't have any main meal ideas? Do you have any main meal ideas using beans, the veggies above, and grains listed?? I've never used kale before and tried it in a smoothie today - but how about for dinner? Pass along!

Today I had my oatmeal w. almond butter and oatbran, and sometimes in a rush I just eat it out of the pan - did that today.

On the way home from the Y, I realized I hadn't packed anything to eat so I ate a Luna Bar that was stashed in my car, and had a Dr. Praeger's veggie burger for lunch w/ a nectarine. Mid afternoon snack - smoothie w/ frozen berries, aria protein powder, kale and banana. I feel like smoothies are treats!

For swimming, my new thing is going to be to see how quickly I can do the masters workout that is on the board. Today I did 3100 and it took me 54 min. As I was swimming and totally just thinking, I was kind of getting inspired to try a triathlon - it was inspiring reading Mama Simmons great job yesterday and I think it would be cool to try one. So - if anyone has a good local one to try out for a start, let me know! Great job all of the SD marathoners yesterday! Run to Finish, Julianne, Aron, Danica... awesome!

This afternoon my sister called and was here for the day (from DC) and wanted to go running!! The three of us went running the loop - 3.3 miles around 33 minutes. Bonus workout! : ) I am starting to feel less thick around my middle and went on the scale, and I finally lost a pound! whew! I was stuck at 135.2 and today midday 134! Maybe I'm heading down! 128 here I come!! 3 pounds from pre-prego weight now, let's keep it up body!!! Good eating!!

Dinner - Boca chicken patty, spinach frittata, lentils, quinoa, sweet potatoes and ketchup. Check out that rainbow!!!


  1. You should definitely do a tri - you'd be great!!

  2. Oh cool! Inspired to Tri! :) Watch out... you might get hooked.

    Eat the quinoa cold... chill it after it is cooked and mix it with spinach for a grain salad... squeeze a lemon all over it and salt and pepper and poppy seeds. YUM! :)

  3. You should go for the Tri, you'd do great!

    Sorry about the kashi. ;-)

  4. You would SO rock a tri!!! Your really doing awesome with all this swimming! Way to go!!!!

  5. You should do a tri! You are already a good swimmer which is what keeps most people from doing tris. You'll be great.

    And I had to get rid of the Kashi as well. It killed my stomach.

  6. me too on the kashi! actually it's the go lean crunch with almond and flax...i think it's the flax for me.

    i signed up for the danskin tri in philly on aug. 1...i've done a couple danskins and they're super FUN, and i always feel FAST because it's all women and they're not all in shape (it's a super cool event though, very inspiring!).

  7. Definitely start training for a tri!! You all ready kick ass in the pool and on the streets!

  8. Oh no - not the Go Lean!! Have you tried the Heart to Heart? I am seriously addicted to that right now! I haven't actually cooked quinoa from scratch, but I buy the Seeds of Change microwaveable pouches (three different flavors) and then add in some hummus while it still hot, stir throughout and that's lunch at work for one day. It says there's two servings per pouch so it definitely keeps me going most of the afternoon.
    Also I know you probably feel thick, but you certainly don't look it - you look great in the beach photo with Nick!

  9. Why not make a pilaf with the quinoa, a bit of veg and a little seasoning of some sort. I do this all the time. A great way of getting kids to eat veggies and new grains.

    Or make a stir-fry with sliced up Boca Burgers, or wrap sandwiches with the Boca's or something like it. Or even adding beans to a mixture that you can roll into the tortilla. I do this for lunch all the time.