Group Run #2 and Best 2010 Running Blogs

Yesterday at 7am and 8 degrees warm, I started the second group run with about 25 other people. I cannot believe that many people wanted to run at that time and temperature. So motivating! I was up at 6 to pump, and left the house around 6:40. There wasn't too much hanging around. We started along the bike path from Valley Forge towards Philly and ran out just over 3 and back. I started running in the front behind 2 people I ran with last week and then linked up with a girl close in age and we chatted - I love chatting when I'm running. It passes the time so quickly. She was speedy and training for Boston - only her 4th marathon and this will be her 2nd Boston! She was great to run with - even paced and a good pace. We started out at 9:45 warming up, then 8:56. Then I linked up with Jen and followed her lead - 8:39 for mile 3, then 8:30, 8:36 and 8:36.   I need to run with you Jen more often!  Good conversation and kept me moving. 

When we picked up the others, the plan was to run on the trail - which was snow covered. I was not happy running on this and my ankles which have been bothering me since last week's hilly adventure run were not happy either. When I saw some people going the other way after about a mile, I made a u-turn and followed them.  I kind of wanted to stick it out, but running on snow was not enjoyable at all and it was super slow. Those miles were 10:03 and 10:24 and I followed 2 others to the bike path. They were running a bit slower also, and I just wanted to get done so I ran with them for a little while and then turned around to finish 10. By the time I got back, I circled around a little bit - slowly. My stomach was in disarray so I finished at 10.26 and 1:35+.

I was kind of disappointed with the second half of this run, but my stomach wasn't 100% so maybe it was meant to be.  I think this group is awesome - drinks are provided, and post run food. It's a big group with varied paces and I'm psyched for the spring.  I'm making a lofty goal for Broad Street and that is a 1:15. That will be my "A" goal. My current PR is 1:18 in 2008 at Broad Street. I plan to put in the miles and train hard.

Thanks so much for the support/encouragement on the "I'm lost" post.

This was a fun thing. Jake from Broken Hearted Runner compiled a list of best running blogs for 2010 and featured Lil Runner. Thanks Jake! Check out all of those other running blogs that he posted - there's a little post it on my sidebar that will take you to the post too.


  1. congrats on making the list!

  2. Not sure why you put air in your tires at 6:00 AM????

  3. hey hey, congrats for being nominated as one of the "Best Running Blogs 2011" hope to read many more of your fantastic running stories. sending you greetings from Malaysia...

  4. i'm so impressed with the people who ran outside this wknd. i couldn't be out there for 3 hours, a shorter run, yea but not a long run. bleh.