Party planning

Nick's 2nd birthday is coming up in just a few weeks and I've been planning a train party since he's obsessed w/ trains. So far, I ordered him the shirt with the "2" on it which just came and is super cute.
I've also picked out what I'm going to do for favors - pictures when I'm done w/ that. I was back and forth on conductor hats for the kids or just for Nick and figured he probably wouldn't even wear it. I think it's so cute though. I can't decide on that.

I made a train birthday sign. I also have last year's sign which I feel like I spent sooo much time on. Luckily I can reuse it!  I'm working on a couple of railroad signs, and we'll pick up balloons for the party weekend and that's about it. I've been enjoying the planning for this. It gives me something to work on.

I know what I'm doing for the table:

And going over that is going to be the cake which will be similar  to this

I wasn't sure exactly if I should serve this as cake or have cupcakes or something else to actually eat, but I decided to make a really long train w/ a bunch of cars and slice pieces out of it. Otherwise what's the point - it looks nice but no one will eat it? So I'm pretty psyched to decorate a bunch of train cars for a long train along the table for his cake. I think I'll make the engine super big and put the candle on that. I haven't decided yet.  Has anyone else ever done a train cake like this? I'm going to be hitting up the bulk bins at Wegmans for all different candies to go on it.

Besides cake, what else do you serve for a 2 year old birthday party? We are having 6 of his 2 year old friends and our parents, and that's it. My brother lives on the west coast and my sister is coming home the weekend before to celebrate his birthday and my parents birthdays in late Jan.  It is a late afternoon/post nap party.  I'd like to keep costs down and not get a huge tray of anything, and also like to keep it somewhat healthy so what would you serve? I was thinking maybe apps/tapas? Veggies and dip, fruit, crackers and hummus? + the cake? Is that lame? What have you seen for kid parties - real food and cake? Just cake? snacks?  I'm also going to make "2" cookies for the favor bag and to serve and maybe train ones if I find a train cookie cutter. 

Any other ideas? I love searching for ideas and seeing how creative people are!

Next up is gift ideas. Christmas was not even a month ago. My ideas to tell family/friends so far are a robe, slippers, a pullover fleece, and maybe the Leapfrog Tag Jr. Does anyone have that for your kids? I got him a personalized book from PBK book and story reader but it is for age 3+ and the stories are quite long so I might save it for next Christmas.  Ideas for a 2 year old?

On Monday swimming was frustrating - a fast guy that is out of shape led our lane, went super fast then needed tons of rest. I was kind of cranky. Today he was there again so I decided to move over to a faster lane. The set was only 50s and 100s so I knew I could hack it, but not so much when it's longer distances - I'll get plowed over. It felt good though, even though they sit around and gab a bit also. I'll just have to go with it and be a little more social than I'm used to.


  1. Looks as though Nick's party will be super cute! I think snacks that kids enjoy, like fruit and cheese, is perfect food. No need for a real "meal" at that time of day.

  2. I think that books/leapfrog are good, even if they are just "viewing material" for now.

  3. I agree, no need for a real meal. Funny enough my girls (will be 2 and 3 in April/May) have asked to have a Thomas the train party (no girly girl stuff for my two!) So I've been looking at train party stuff as well. I'm trying to find a train cookie cutter too, and if so, you can make mini sandwiches and cut them into shapes of trains, or you can cut the cheese into train shapes too. I'm going to buy a few conductors hats (if I can find them) and fill them with pretzel wheels, popcorn and maybe some other type of snack. Good luck! Party planning is so fun!!

  4. You are so creative. I love the ideas and can't wait to see pictures! Wish I had some help and suggestions, but I'm at a lost. I would totally serve apps like you said and the cake.

  5. Love the train cake! We have had many variations over the past 7 years. Kids love to eat parts of the trains, with the b-day boy always getting part of the engine :-) Oh, and be sure all the toppings are edible, those are also a hit.
    Good luck!

  6. I cant believe nick will be 2... where has time gone?!?

  7. I think the cake will be really cute! Ethan was always playing with his cousins Fisher Price lap top when he was at their house so we got him one at Christmas. We got the Vtech one: http://www.vtechkids.com/product.cfm/Tote_Go_Laptop/744/

    He LOVES it!! It says age 3 and up and most of the games are way over his head, but he is still learning numbers and the alphabet on it. It's definitely a toy that will last a long time and not outgrow in a few months. The Fisher Price one is a little different. We got the vtech one at Target.

  8. You put me to shame! You're so organised and creative.

    Cairn will be two tomorrow. Can't believe it. Like you, I'm struggling with presents after everthing he got for Christmas. I've asked my family to contribute to a playhouse that I'm going to get built in the garden. Can't deal with anymore toys!! :-)