Eating habits & wrapup

Wrap up - thank you for all of the support and advice on the nursing. I like how you get advice from one end to the other. I land in the middle usually and I appreciate everyone's point of view.  While I'm not going to go nuts trying, I'd like to make it as far as I can, so I am going to put some effort into doing what I have to go to keep going without making myself miserable doing so.  I liked the fenugreek advice - capsules of that + pumping (whenever I can) after feeding Kara to keep the supply up. Thank you to everyone for offering your point of view and support!  Did you know there are even cookies that are supposed to boost lactation?  Thanks to KT for sending me that link.  I don't think I'll make the cookies, but I will keep pumping my body with oatmeal and flaxseed(both of which I eat daily) and try the brewer's yeast as well. KT has just started a blog and has 3 kids under 3 (Holy ****) - check it out.  Heab also posted about these cookies which I might have to attempt to create.

This morning it is icing here so my workout was indoors. I did 10 x 800s sprint (it was 80% until the last few - I find it hard to sprint on the treadmill).  It was a great workout and I got in 10 miles.  I did some visualizing of the hill to get myself to work harder at the end.  It's so great to run outside!  It even helps when you are stuck on the treadmill.  I finished this workout in 1:24 +.  I think my goal for Broad Street this year is going to be a 1:15.   I have to look at the pace of that.

This leads me into eating habits. In the past month or so, I have become even more crazy rigid with my eating habits - I think it is in a good way, but a pain for Bill and my family to be around me. I try not to judge but it is hard for me to watch my parents eat takeout food very often.  And I'm hard on Bill even though he eats healthy about 70% of the time.  With me, it's all or nothing, so sometimes people don't fit into my cookie cutter 110% effort view. I don't judge people but do have a hard time with my own loved ones. I've really been eating clean for a while - little processed foods (biggest offenders are  power bars, luna bars, clif bars - something to grab on the go).

I used to love to bake - cookies, cakes. I'd try to experiment with the recipes and make them healthier. Now I just find healthy recipes. I don't make full fat real recipes anymore - I'm using flax for eggs, apple sauce/pumpkin for butter, maple syrup for sugar, and ground oats for flour most of the time.  With motivation from several blogs that I read for their recipe ideas, I feel like I've really been able to lead a healthy lifestyle and have really good eating habits. My goal is to not only be in top shape for this spring racing season, but also just to pump my body with good stuff.

One of the quotes that I picked up from Fran Crippen was "my body is a temple" - totally true! It is going to run on what you put in it and I'm dedicated to giving it the best stuff.  That being said, Chocolate does go into my body on a daily basis - and I think that is fine.

Here is a sample day:
Pre-workout - rice crispy treat balls, raw chocolate chip cookie, fudgie babies (dates + cocoa + nuts)

Breakfast - variations of oatmeal pancakes or oatmeal or a bowl of cereal + Milk
peanut butter protein pancakes:
1/2 c ground oats
1 tsp maple syrup
1 T almond butter
1/4 - 1/2 c almond milk/milk
1-2 T hemp protein powder
1 T flax or chia seeds
+ apple sauce for apple pie pancakes

I add baking powder and more milk and let it sit a bit if I want to make them into pancakes.

Mid morning - Half a power bar (I like the harvest ones but know they are pumped w/ a bunch of ingredients and added sugar) and/or fruit leather

Lunch - Smoothie w/ almond milk, handful of spinach, 1 frozen banana, one orange, blueberries and echinacea drops (thank you for the tips Chari)

A wrap with whatever is in the house - last week was smoked gouda (I do eat cheese here and there), hummus and spinach or ezekial bread w/ hummus and leftover bean patties or dr praegers

Snacks: nuts, scoop of almond/peanut butter, cereal, chickpeas baked w/ honey, piece of chocolate, rice crispy treat balls

Dinner is some combination of beans and carbs.
Black bean sliders
Lentil burgers or lentil loaf
Mac and cheese - healthified w/ a veggie in there and nutritional yeast
pasta w/ tomato sauce and chick pea meatballs
Kale and barley

At night sometimes I'll eat a combo of ground oats, more pb + maple syrup, some protein powder + maple syrup and water ("hemp fudge"), or some processed newman's oreo cookies if we have them.

Sometimes I get bored with the dinner rotation and try new recipes.   

What is in your dinner rotation?

What are some good snacks?  Favorite breakfasts?


  1. Hope you find what works for you with the nursing. Seems like every woman responds differently with what works and what doesn't when it comes to boosting supply.

    Your eating routine sounds good. I have a hard time judging other people too, but I do have my slip ups as well lol. It's still hard for me not to see why other parents don't realize all the junk they are feeding their kids and it's why they are sick ALL the time! They are getting no nutrition, plus they don't even get vitamins daily either. Ok.......see here I go again lol

    I've never heard of chickpeas baked with honey, sounds interesting!

  2. Nice run chica!! :) I dont know how you stay on top of things with two babes in your life! :) mom of the year right here!

  3. I like green smoothies and overnight oats


  4. i actually like doing speed work on the treadmill. i can push myself so much harder and it's nice to not have to keep looking at my watch to see my pace.

  5. I find I'm better at pacing myself for speed work on the treadmill. It gives me a good sense of how fast that pace feels like. Kudos to you on a great workout and being able to find foods that work for you! I am trying to get more serious...I think I fit into your all or nothing mold...If only I could get my hubby on board!

  6. I eat a pretty balanced diet that aims for nutrional value, but I honestly eat primarily for taste, not "health" per se. Also, most of my daily diet is determined by Jerry since he's the one in our household who does the meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. Thankfully, we have basically the same taste in food and we both value variation, so we rarely repeat a dinner meal in a month's time.

  7. I am on a healthy food kick as well! My favorite breakfast - egg whites with some jalapenos (have to add some hot when there is less fat :-), wheat toast and some grapes.
    I need some good dinner options too.

  8. Thanks for the mention mama! Best of luck increasing your supply...I'm actually taking fenugreek right now as well in an attempt to increase my own supply! Thanks again!!