wimped out & daily mile

8 miles this morning
Wimped out on the group run this morning at the faster pace than I've been running but had a great treadmill run sub 8:30 pace. Next up- group 10 miler on Saturday. Looking forward to running in the cold (WHO AM I?)!  I feel really good about running right now.

I joined daily mile this past week and am searching for friends. If you are on there, let me know! : ) It looks fun and motivating!

Running wants - now that I'm running outside, I realized that a few things would be nice and want your feedback on them if you have them or have tried them:

*Cool running gloves - I think the Brooks adapt look sweet - the fold over effect. My hands are definitely cold in the gloves that I have
*scary bank robber mask to cover my face

What else do you use for cold weather running? What are your must haves?

Here is a road ID code if you are looking to get one. It's $1 off. That is my must have for outside running during all seasons!

www.roadid.com code ThanksMiranda2326400


  1. Great job on the run this morning... you didn't wimp out on the run either!

    I don't have a ton of advice for you on gear, but Target has great stretchy gloves for running (they are $1.50 for two pair) and I bought a beanie with a hole for my ponytail and it's been awesome. Just two random things for you!

  2. I think you were sensible to for go the run until you are at that pace: a road to injury if you jump too soon. I'm so glad you've got your run mojo back.

    Yaktraxs have been given the mega thumbs up from one and all around mine this year. My mate who hates running on uneven ground and ice just powers on through with them on and we are taking the refrozen sheer glass ice!

    Gloves: I have a pair of gloves that have bits of metal through them (had them since I was a nipper so not sure where you get them now).If you put then under another pair of gloves they keep your hands so much warmer.

    Mask: I use a buff around my neck that I can pull up over the back of my hat and over mouth but can lower once warm up and nip off without having to take off the hat. I can then just wrap it around my wrist or if my head has warmed up, but I still need ear cover I can take off hat and roll buff into more of a head band thing. They are invaluable. They can stay round your neck and stop the draft at the neck of your jacket too.

    Hope that helps. Might as well pass on some useful advice saying as it looks like it is either a long time until I can run or never again. Hoping to hear some positive news today.


  3. i always wear 2 pairs of gloves, i just don't find running gloves warm enough! I tried yaktrax once but i didn't like them, they seemed to only be good if the roads were COMPLETELY covered in snow, if there were any breaks of cleared roads they were really annoying, So glad to hear you are feeling good about running right now, sounds like things are going really well and you're doing a great job!

  4. i bought myself a cheapo fleece vest at old navy that i'm really liking for the cold runs. i wear my arm sleeves, a shirt and the vest. it's nice to have something to keep my torso warm without making myself bulky. and i wear 2 pairs of gloves w/ hand warmers in between. i go NO where w/o hand warmers. i'm always frozen.

  5. Love my Yaktrax and wear them all the time up here in Maine. I just wear whatever gloves or mittens I have around, sometimes 2 pairs. I run with the dog so I have to hold the leash and my fingers get cold. I don't know about a face mask. I don't ever use one. I don't like having stuff over my mouth- it gets all steamy. One thing I love are my sporthill winter running pants. They are really thick and windproof and soft on the inside. I run when it is in the single digits and am perfectly fine.

  6. I am getting yaktraks this weekend..I am tired of this snow running already.
    I'm on dailymile...LOVE IT!

  7. I want a scary bank robber mask too. :)

    I'm on Daily Mile!

  8. I grew up in Maine (just moved 2 years ago) and ran through the winter as long as it was above 0. The old Yaktraxs suck for running, they screw with your balance (the ones that have a few criss-crosses along the bottom). I don't know about the new ones, but do you really have packed-snow covered roads that you're running on exclusively?

    This is my winter gear and temp rundown:
    CW-X insulated tights - 35 or below (above that it's regular tights)
    Nike insulated hoodie (has fold over hands and hood has a small opening so your face stays warm, my hood comes off after a mile, almost always, even at 10 degrees) - 40 or below
    Additional Northface thin waterproof windbreaker - 18 or below or if snowing/raining
    Thin little thinsulate glove liners 25-35 (I take them off after a mile always, and have my hands tucked into shirt fold-overs)
    XC skiing gloves (also thin but slightly thicker than liners) - below 25
    North face wool winter running socks high enough to pull over ankles (maybe 2") - 32 or below.
    Neoprene face mask (from downhill ski gear) - 15 or below with winds

    I never wear yaktrax and I run on snow covered dirt roads, you just have to stay on the crunchy stuff and take it easy on the hills. I doubt it's cold enough for you to need a face mask where you live. Check out x-c skiing gear for the best winter running stuff. I love winter running, I'll take it over the summer any day!

  9. I use a treamill for cold weather running - ha! Isn't group running the best for keeping you motivated. So glad you've found groups of people to help you rekindle your love for running.

  10. My husband bought yaktrak and converted to Kahtoola Microspikes. As the weather in Scotland has been so bad since the end of November, they're like gold dust. Managed to get myself a pair and will be trying them out tomorrow.

  11. i have to say you are right on teh gloves, they make a world of difference and after that is a nike dry fit pull over that is thick and I got for like uber cheap at marshalls

  12. I have nike tights i wear that are super great. I also wear my north face warm gear over the top of them & i am nice and toasty. I wear nike gloves for my fingers & i just got this super nice under armor fleece lined turtle neck top to run it. also a must have!

    did you find me on Daily mile?

  13. i added you on my daily mile (laura b)

  14. For gloves, I actually by those cheapo $1 a pair walmart knit gloves, by the end or middle of a run, my hands are to hot, so I take them off, and try to stick them in a pocket, but inevitably I lose just one...so if i paid next to nothing for em, it doesn't matter! Good luck finding some nice winter gear! It really helps to have good tights and a nice jacket.