Wild rice pub burgers

Chari had posted her menu plan and included these wild pub burgers.  I decided to try them out. I followed the recipe as shown on the website but added an egg. It was otherwise crumbles and I couldn't form burgers. They were tasty, but I will say that it needed cheese and some ketchup or sauce. The picture on the other blog is a good recommendation - slather it with a bunch of stuff and it will be super tasty!  Probably good with a beer too!

My brother's girlfriend and my sister are training for Big Sur together.   Both of them just started blogs for it (and happened to pick the same design on blogspot which I thought was funny.   This is Miranda's first marathon and Kristen's 2nd. I did part of the Disney Marathon w/ my sister when I was pregnant with Nick - that was in 2009 and she said she was doing one and done. She does triathlons and she is back to run a faster marathon! Miranda stole my brother and moved out to San Diego last year in March.  Rich has always wanted to move to California and talked about it for YEARS. I was hoping it would never happen but he's happy and it's a great place to visit.  Both of these 2 swam in college and are going for a fun 26.2 at Big Sur. Totally jealous I am not joining them but with the 2 little ones and the same day as Broad Street - I can't swing it. Hopefully they'll be up for another marathon in the next couple of years and we can all do it together.  Anyway- check out their blog sites! And money saving mamas can check out Julie's new blog.

We got pounded with snow today - and yesterday!  I went swimming Wednesday morning and snow was coming down really quickly. I made it home safely - luckily - lots of spin outs and we were homebound all day yesterday. This morning was a treadmill run - we got over a foot of snow!  I did about 4 or 5 1/2 mile repeats whenever I felt like it and then 2 miles tempo at the end. It was a pretty good effort and I was able to do 10 miles in just under 1:23.  I'm pretty sure when I was pregnant with Nick I did a 1:22 treadmill 10 miler... I guess I'm getting there. 

Tomorrow I'm supposed to get some help on my stroke with a guy that swims with the team in the mornings and plan a matchmaking of him and my sister. Yea... I'll let ya know how that goes.


  1. Winter is making me CRAZY!!!!!

    As always im loving the kiddo pics!! :)

    Stay warm!

  2. Pictures are so cute :-)
    Hmm, I don't remember linking that recipe, but it does sound good :-)

  3. Your speed will come...You'll get there! Ummm could Kara be any cuter!?

  4. I wouldn't mind having a family member to visit in California! How about NOW??

  5. woww 10 miles on a treadmill? that's amazing! Come play in San Diego and run on the bay with me...the scenery is much better :)

  6. The snow is pretty! Nice job on the workouts. And the kid pics are so lovely!!

  7. Your daugther is adorable! We live about 30 mins north of you (I think) towards Reading and we got hammered with snow as well! It took me almost an hour to shovel all the snow on Thursday morning, so I counted that as my workout, haha. Glad your training and nursing is going well! Hope you feel better soon!