Swimming, Caffeine and Raw Food

Swimming has been going really well. I'm in the lane that is a bridge between the really fast collegiate swimmers and the lanes that are recreational swimmers. There's no in between besides the lane that I'm in and I so want to be with the super fast people but they will DESTROY me. I tried one day and seriously was trying hard and was being passed left and right.  It is my goal to move to one day a week with these speedsters but it will take alot of courage!

The lane that I am in now is a fun lane. Everyone is really nice. Sometimes though, it is frustrating. I can't stand having more rest than we need and I don't like chatting between the sets. I want to get in, work hard, and get out. I would love to be social before and after and here and there in between but that's it! It is hard when I start to get chilly because we're resting too long or I just don't feel like I'm working hard. The thing is, the fast people take too much rest between sets too, but they swim on faster intervals. Maybe I should just be enjoying the people and chatting, but I'm there to swim, not chat!

I was annoyed on Wednesday when I asked the fast guy leading our lane if we could go on a faster interval and he said we couldn't make it. We could totally make it. He just didn't want to push himself - and he's already fast!! A nice guy... but I so needed to be pushed. Doesn't seem like there's a happy medium here so my goal is one day/week with the fast people until I can move over there full time (I hope!) It is such a jump though.

My friend from work gave me a gift card to this raw food place by me. I've tried it once with my sister and the service was crap and food decent. Yesterday I ordered and picked up. Yum. I love raw food and healthy eating. I totally want a chef that could make me this stuff every meal.  I think I want to put together a cookbook with all of my favorite recipes online.  It was good. I'd go back. It's expensive though.  What a great gift!

This was called Cashew Vegetable Collard Leaf Wrap - shredded veggies, cashew dressing wrapped in a fresh collard leaf. Least favorite of the 3 but very fresh and yummy.

Flax Enchilada - so I got this for Bill and saved half for him -he wasn't impressed. I was mad that I saved it!

Hand made flax tortilla with spicy pumpkin seed pate', tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and cashew creme.

This was my favorite. "Living Pizza"
Marinara sauce, cashew creme, zucchini, brazil nut parmesan on a crispy buckwheat crust.  Again, saved some for Bill and I totally shouldn't have! Nick and I were big fans and I want it right now even though it's not even 8am yet.
I will have to try to make these things on my own. Yum yum and yum!

Caffeine - I need to look this up, but did you drink caffeinated coffee when you were nursing? I don't want to drink too much but the dingy 3-4 oz that I am drinking in the morning is a waste because we have a keurig and I'm dumping out about 2-3 oz.


  1. I'm so glad you got your giveaway package in the mail!

    I'm glad your swimming is going well!

  2. this makes me wonder if i was always in the wrong lane at the pool. oh well. if you have your own lane, does it really matter where you go? i start swimming on sunday with a friend who was a competitive swimmer in college so hopefully she'll teach me the ropes!

  3. That looks awesome! I would totally love a chef to come and make me healthy things each day! I find that I fall into a rut of making the same stuff all the time because I know them and they're safe! SO glad that Nick is into it! Emma is a very picky eater...thinking of getting a book about how to sneak in veggies. She likes them once she eats them but it is just getting her to try them.

  4. Woot for swimming :) i remember when you first started! :) time flies! how are the little ones? i need my baby fix! pics please?! :)

  5. Nice work on the swimming. Sounds like you should be in the fast lane in no time!

  6. Mmmm, I have yet to go to a raw restaurant but would love to!

  7. I drank caffeine while nursing both of my girls, and it didn't seem to affect them.

  8. Here's a link re: caffeine - http://www.kellymom.com/health/lifestyle/caffeine.html

    I love this site. It was my "go-to" site when I was pregnant with and then nursing Spud since I drink both tea and Coke and didn't really want to give either up. Really great information.

  9. Mmm, that looks good!

    I never could decide if caffeine effected Ethan or not. I didn't drink a whole lot of it though.

  10. MMMMM, I love the raw food stuff. I need to buy a dehydrator. You could go raw so easily with your Vita-Mix!

    Angela/Pretty in Orange