The snow hangover

I've definitely been in a rut this week - I'm calling it the snow hangover. I'm ready for spring! Some days are definitely just harder than others, where I'm thinking back to my "old life" where I had a routine and got up and went to work and felt like I was accomplishing something. This usually happens while I am cleaning the floor for the 3rd time because Nick won't open his mouth to eat after a few spoonfuls, chucks his own spoon and sippy cup on the floor with food on it, then grabs a placemat from the table, and pulls everything to the floor, including 1/2 a container of blueberries. Oh man. How much easier would it be to just stand in the front of a room and teach kids about the Pythagorean theorem? I'll tell you: 100x easier. However, in the end, I know I'd regret that, and miss watching my baby grow up - I can't tell you how many new things he does everyday that are so cool. The little things, like him saying 'mama' when I go get him from his nap or get him out from the car, melt my heart.

A post I was thinking about was going to be about SLEEP. They reported that Bill Clinton after some heart surgery said he was going to sleep more and have less stress. I spend many days tired, but most nights I get 7-8 hours of sleep. If I go swimming, it is more like 6 hours but I feel that I make up for it by sleeping 9 hours on the weekend. How many hours of sleep do you get?
Do you feel that it is essential to your functioning? I know that if I do not get enough sleep, I need a nap - and I'm not a napper, but there have definitely been days where I've been up with Nick most of the night and then slept 2-3 hours during the day to catch up.

What else is going on?
  • Check out the DHA post from the other day. Most of you knew what it was, and I feel like I was in the dark!
  • Running and swimming are feeling good. I was reading my posts when I was around the same time with Nick, and I was definitely running more!
  • I feel the same way about maternity clothes as I did with Nick and I hate all my clothes! I think that I am getting bigger faster with #2. It was funny re-reading my posts from with Nick, I was seriously concerned about gaining too much weight.
  • My food shopping goal is doing great - luckily this is a short month, but I am on track! I will post about it at the end of the month.
  • My eat lots of fruits and veggies goal is being assisted by the green plant drink, juices, and jelly. Veggies are hard to get down!
  • I signed up for my 7th Broad Street Run coming up on May 2nd. I plan to walk/jog this year and just finish but I couldn't end my streak.
  • I am doing a 10 mile race at the end of March but haven't run 10 miles straight outside since the Philly marathon.


  1. OK, for one....I'd be taking all the time in the world to nap during Nick's nap time. Really!! You're preggo, lady...lap up the luxury of sleep that you can now.

    I am sure you knew about DHAs...you know about Omega-3s and it's basically the same thing. But then again you don't eat fish so maybe you didn't know about Omega-3s.

    Are you eating your yolks with your whites, yet???? You should be!!!

    And lastly...I am very jealous you are signed up for a 10-miler. I couldn't decide if I should sign up for a 10-miler here at the end of April and now I am pissed I didn't because it's full. So insanely mad!!!

  2. I showed a lot faster with the second one too! I could not believe it :) I am ready for the spring too!

  3. I have a snow hangover too. We have been having winter blues here lately too. Finally today we had a sunny day for ONCE in like what seems a month! It was soo nice and now im so ready for spring! I just keep thinking.. spring break is coming! thank god!!! :)

  4. I am SOOO ready for Spring especially since I slipped and fell on the ice for the second time today! Enough snow!!!

    I dream about sleep all the time...about how great it used to be before kids....about what it felt like to have the option to sleep in!

  5. Totally with you on the snow hangover... and it sounds like we might be getting more next week - oy!

  6. A snow hangover is a great way to put it. Hope you can thaw out soon, and get some good rest! I know that being sure to get enough sleep at night keeps me healthier in general, and everyone can use some of that :)

  7. I think it is just the time of the year. We don't have snow on the ground although it has been a v cold winter and it is seriously frosty again today, but I've been quite blue this week too - for me it was the realisation that I still had 6 more weeks of term with no break and it just felt like it was stretching on and on! Only 5 to go now, not that I'm counting or anything! Atleaast you know that when summer comes you will have nice weather - in Scotland it is always a bit of a lottery so you look forward yo it and then can spend the summer watching rain roll down the window!

    I'm going to harrang you about the egg yolks too - Iron, Zinc,essential fats for your brain. My prenatals have DHAs too plus I eat fish 3 times a week (I usually eat more but while preggo, 3x is as much as is allowed).

    Sleep: I need a good amount of sleep normally, but since preggers, I'm like a world champ - and if I have plans for the evenings at the weekend I will often go for a nap in the afternoon, so that I can enjoy the night.

    Take care and keep enjoying those smiles and mammas!


  8. Ok, for someone who is pregnant you have a lot of races!! Youare doing great. I think we all get in ruts and think about the "what ifs" Sometimes you really just have to let them go and live for today. (however, that can be hard to do on some days!)

  9. I showed sooner with this one too, but it evened out and I think I actually ended up smaller (although I'm not done, haha). You're doing AWESOME with running, keep it up!
    Yes, I do feel bad about how emma might react to the new little one. We took her to a 'big sibling' class at the hospital yesterday, and she was fine until they showed us a real newborn. She started crying and said she was scared of it. :( I just keep thinking we'll get through it and get back to 'normal' eventually! You will too!

  10. I get 8 hours of sleep but could easily sleep more. I take a nap both Sat and Sun and if it's my Friday off, I nap then, too. I am just one of those people who needs a lot of sleep.

  11. I hear ya on the snow hangover. I was just looking at Weather.com and we are supposed to get some more next week!!!

    Scott is doing Broad St and I will be there with Elena to watch. I am hoping that she will do one of the little kid races. What is the 10 mile race you are doing in March? My husband might be interested in that.

    There are definitely days when I feel like the maid and all I do is clean up the same baby and dog messes over and over. I feel like I barely accomplish anything. I often fantasize about going back to work and outsourcing everything (hire a maid, full time daycare, hire a dog walker, order groceries online, etc), but then I think what I would miss out on so much with Elena. My gut tells me that I might really regret not spending enough time with her since she is only little once and there are many special moments that I would miss. I am sure this is a 'grass is greener' issue and if I was working full time I would probably be fantasizing about being at home full time.

  12. I love the 10-mile distance! Just take your time and have fun with it, preggo runner! :)

    I really need 8 hours to function well, but I can get by on 7. I'd be in trouble only getting 6 hours.

  13. I think it's very normal to show a lot earlier with the second pregnancy. And even though I'm not pregnant again, I know I won't be running as much with my second pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, when I wasn't working, the rest of the time was MINE. Now that time is Zach's and for your it's Nick's. Your still doing great and it's amazing you are going to run a 10 miler.

    And I used to be able to get by on about 4 hours of sleep a night but as I get older I need more. I need 6 to be able to work and I really need 8 to be able to train well.

  14. Oh I need a ton of sleep! I get 8-9 hours every night (we go to bed early! Except now with the olympics on...) So we go to bed at 9 or 10 and I get up at 6. I cannot remember how I functioned when Moana wasn't sleeping through the night!?! Usually if I go 2-3 nights getting less than 8 hours I end up getting sick. I always think about how nice it would be if I only needed 5 hours of sleep/night... seriously- add 3 hours to every day? That would be awesome.

  15. You're right where you're suppossed to be! Enjoy that baby of yours - they do grow up fast!

    I need AT LEAST 8 hours - I go to bed between 7-8 each night because I am up at 5. I just can't function on less!

    Great job on all the races coming up! Enjoy them - prego runners are awesome! :)

  16. I need between 8-9 hours or I'm loopy..but I think it's because of the boys plus IM training...used to I could function on 6-7.

    You will definitely show more quickly with subsequent pregnancies...your muscles aren't quite as strong or stubborn. The first time your body doesn't really "know" what to do so it holds out as long as possible, after the first time, it's old trick and just lets go.

    Enjoy it though. I'm sure you're beautiful!

  17. Sounds like you need a dog. Brooke throws most of her food on the floor (partly because she doesnt like it, partly just because she CAN) and the dog snatches it right up. Its the best thing in the world ;)

  18. Your baby is going to come out running!!! :-D
    That's the way to "cook him" (as my mother says)

    I get around 6-7 hours and I hate it. I wish I could sleep more, I always feel so refreshed if I sleep 8-9 hrs.