The bob on the right.
Travel system on the left

I have a few complaints about this thing. Maybe it is just things I don't know about it - anyone that has one, let me know your thoughts?

* The storage thingie under it - I can't even fit my diaper bag in it without having a war with it. It doesn't fold down or anything to get things in there?

* Making turns - can sometimes be kind of rough, especially right angles. Does the swivel wheel one (revolution) work better?

* The plastic thingie up top - I can't even see Nick's face using this thing. Now he is in the infant contraption, but when he is bigger, what will I be looking at - the top of his head?

On the positive side, it is versatile, but he does bounce around quite a bit on poor roads. Down the shore, I've had to tip toe over curbs at the end of each block so that he isn't bouncing everywhere!

A friend of mine - Lauren - has the travel system by Graco. The bottom part folds down to fit things in, and it still has a cup holder, and the plastic thingie works perfectly to see the baby!

What do you have to add?


  1. I have a different jogger, but right angle turns will get easier when he's in the seat and the center of gravity is where it's designed to be -- you don't steer so much as push down lightly on the handle to lift the front wheel, then pivot on the back wheels.

    It's weird at first, but once you're used to it, it's so much easier to push down while running, rather than have to use both hands to turn.

    Swivel wheels = yuck

  2. I have the Bob Revolution and the Graco travel system. I have no problems with the turns with the revolution. The graco has more room for storage but I find it really hard to get things in and out of. Both have proven to be bomb proof. Zach actually likes a really bumpy ride and sometimes I find the Revolution gives him too smooth of a ride and I search out bumbs.

  3. I teach a stroller fitness class and the most popular jogging stroller, by far, is the Bob Revolution. I think that swivel wheel really makes a difference (but you can also lock that front wheel). None of the joggers have a ton of storage. My Baby Trend (a hand-me-down) seems to have the biggest area I've seen (but it doesn't have pockets behind the seat).

    The Graco Travel System is the best mall stroller, but I wouldn't want to run with it. Once you get going, those front wheels start shimmying quite a bit.

    You'll definitely get used to it. As I mentioned, I have a hand-me-down jogger. It wouldn't have been my first choice, but now I know just how much I have to tilt up the front wheel to make a 90 degree turn.

  4. i like that with the revolution you can swivel OR lock the front wheel. agree totally with the storage underneath and wrestling with diaper bag!! someone gave me a graco thingy but i've never used it.

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  6. I have the BOB Ironman and love it. I think it just takes getting used to making turns and the writer above is correct- once the carseat is out, it's a lot easier to manipulate. And for running, anyway, do you really need the whole diaper bag?

  7. ok, yeah, to clarify i never take the diaper bag while running, but the BOB is really the only stroller we use, so if we're out and about it's kind of annoying to have that storage space be small.

  8. I wouldn't take the diaper bag on a run, but this is the only stroller we bought, so that is why it is annoying too:)

  9. I have both the Bob Revolution and Graco contraption. I love how the Revolution can lock or swivel too! I haven't been able to run still but my husband runs with it and locks the front wheel in. To be honest we've only used the Graco a handful of times and we're thinking about selling it, but Sara loves sitting in it now without the carseat so she can look out better than in the Bob.

    To help with the diaper bag issue (I pretty much only use the Bob to run errands) my bag has pretty big handles to I drape it around the end of the handle bar.

    I've thought about inventing a mirror to attach to it so you can see something besides the back of her head when she's not in the carseat :-)

    Not that this helped much, but it's my 2 cents :-)

  10. Hi! new here! I have the BOB Ironman duallie. Like the previous posters said, once your tot is sitting in the seat and you can push down lightly on the handlebar to turn you will get the hang of it. I can turn on a dime while running, not a biggie. I've heard it's actually not as safe to run with a swivel wheel anyway (which is why they lock). However, I TOTALLY agree about the storeage, it sucks. With my first kid I had a cheap baby trend expedition jogger, and while it didn't run as smooth as the BOB, it certianly held more stuff!

  11. I have a BOB revo and LOVE it..the swivel wheel and locking option are great! Highly recommend it!

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