Oikos and claim your prize

Unathletic runner - you have till Wednesday at midnight to claim your prize - otherwise I will redraw on Thursday morning.

Thank you for all of the healthy snack ideas! : ) Check out the chickpea one (comment) - chick peas, honey and cinnamon - bake on a baking sheet - that is really good! I just made it! Thanks Helen!

Does anyone have a BOB REVOLUTION? I have the BOB ironman. Let me know if you've heard any reviews comparing the 2 and your thoughts if you have one of these.

Stonyfield sent me some coupons to try Oikos, so I tried the vanilla and honey flavors. I have had Chobani before, so this wasn't a new taste to me. Many of you have tried it out there. The yogurt is full of protein which is great for runners keeping the protein high (and vegetarians like me!) and low in calories plus non fat. It is creamy and not too sweet. I found it to be a little heavier than Chobani for those who have tried it. It is filling and a good snack or breakfast add on to eat! The only negative thing is that it is expensive!!! I've seen it for $1.79 and $1.99. So you need coupons for sure!

**I talked to the supervisor @ the Y yesterday, she didn't seem too concerned. I'll probably see if it goes better next time I go, and if not talk to the manager of the place. I'm sorry, but the whole place seems like a S**show. They do not have it together and the workers there are not very nice.


  1. sorry you have a bum Y. I saw the procedures manual on the counter at mine this AM and almost asked if I could read it :)

    I hear ya on the pricey Greek yogurt frustration. I love plain Fage, but I just can't justify the price and end up getting whichever gelatin-free vanilla is on sale.

  2. Sorry to hear about the frustrations about the Y... but this is something you shouldn't have to worry about while you are working out. So shitty.

  3. I tried Chobani to take a break from Fage (SO good!). But it tasted kind of flour-ey (if that makes sense), so am back to Fage with the fruit on the side. They're a little more money, but the way I look at it I am eating something that is nutritious and will fuel my body and not eating crap so in a way it's kind of an investment. I cook with Oikos and it's good for that too. I like that it comes in the smaller tubs for the plain as often the big one doesn't get used up in time.

  4. Hmmm.....I've had Chobani and I've had Fage but not Oikos. I'll have to try that one.

    On a different note...what's up with Ys these days? T and I went to our local Y about two months ago to take a tour with the intention of switching from our current gym to there. The lady promised to send us free passes in the mail...which is weird...why not just give them to us then? Well, the passes still haven't come and we're not going to join. You'd think in this economy with people scaling back on things, that places would be more eager to get new members.

    Anyway, the people at your Y sound really careless and irresponsible. I don't think I'd go back.

  5. Wow, I think that would make me even more mad. Sorry about the crappy Y :-(

  6. Hey can I claim the prize for Unathletic Runner? Because basically that I what I am! :)

  7. Going to check out that chickpea recipe right now. Sounds a lot better than my bulgar suggestion!!

  8. Chobani is the best ... Oikos is just plain awful!