Lessons Learned/Eating/What's next

Lessons from Yesterday's 10 miler
I should be running faster. I haven't even considered myself in real training or anything, but I think I've just been kind of using the excuse that I had a baby a few months ago. I think I can start getting my speed back now that the marathon is over and 2 weeks have passed. I'll start up slowly! I don't know how I managed that 8:15 pace when I've been running tops 9:30 minute pace the last 2 weeks, and mostly a 10 minute pace. I'm happy!

I am sore today - mostly my quads, but also my abs and back! I love being sore. I swam this morning and it kind of loosened my legs but it felt better 2 days post race, rather than 1 (for Boston). I did an easy 3 miles this evening. I should have done yoga and it was in the plan, but the plan didn't fully happen. I'll stretch out more later.

Does anyone watch Channel 6 locally? Seriously - Cecily Tynan did a 1:05 yesterday - she's 40 and the young looking Adam Joseph - he's 31 - did a 1:07. Really? I need to get my act together.

What I ate today: Do I need to eat more? less?
I'm waiting till 4 months, to see what happens and then I'll decide if I should count calories and have a serious lose 10 pounds plan, but what are your thoughts? My weight is 135.2. My starting pre-prego weight was 131. My real weight should be 125-128. I would like to drop 10 pounds but haven't been serious about it with the nursing and training. You'd think the weight would drop off with the training - but nope! Check what I ate -

Banana (pre swim)
Chobani Yogurt w/ 1 tbspish Nanners Nutters (post swim - starving)
Some special K cereal (pretty hungry still post-swim at my parents house)
Oatmeal w/ Wheat Germ, tbspish Nanners Nutters (normal breakfast when I got home)
1/2 a Z bar, cranberries
1/2 a grilled cheese with amer. cheese and tofu (usually don't eat this but my sister came over)
a gardenburger w/ ketchup and 1/2 slice of bread (still hungry after lunch)
Scoops of Nanners Nutters - made some more
Morningstar sausage patty (still hungry pre-dinner)
Luna Bar ( pretty starving pre-dinner)
Some homemade peanut hummus and crackers (yeah, still hungry)
Planned dinner: zucchini ala D10, mushrooms, & pasta

Too much peanut butter. Get it OUT!My thoughts: Zbar / Luna bar - need to be replaced with fruit/veggies - any ideas what kind for snacking? I'm obviously hungry so my meals should be a little bigger so I'm not snacking all day but I'm more of a 6 small meals person than 3 large ones. I'll take any suggestions. I feel like I go to the grocery store so often for produce.

Per my nutritional visit last summer I should be eating around 2700 cal- which seems so high! How much do you think I'm eating?

My workout today: 40 minute swim (2500 yards) & 3 easy miles.

What's next
I kind of want to do another marathon soon, like in a month. The weather has to be temperate though, and I can't really travel - it is just hard w/ Nick. I found the DE marathon in a couple weeks but it is sold out! Really small one unfortunately.

I have the fall planned out - Philly Distance Run (1/2 marathon) and Philly marathon, but some of the other runs I've done (Baltimore 1/2) are on the bubble. I don't want to have to travel and spend money on a hotel and driving there now that I'm not working. Steamtown Marathon was on my mind - but I would have to travel and stay overnight - so I'll have to think about that one! Any suggestions ? I want to see what I can do with some real training and getting my speed back. But...I also want to have another baby kind of close in age, so the sooner the marathon the better!


  1. We have many of the same races planned :)

  2. great snack i like is take a can of garbanzo beans, drain. mix in 1/4 cup honey or to taste if you want to go less that's cool, and sprinkle with cinnamon.

    Mix it all up really well. Spread across a cookie tray and roast for about 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees.

    let cool - best is overnight in the fridge. you can snack on them as you want.

    alternative to honey is Agave syrup - vegan and delish.

    The other thing that's really good is some EVOO, salt and pepper with root veggies. chop them into french fries and roll them in the stuff. bake at 425 for about 20-25 minutes, turning as needed to brown all over.

    if you prefer sweet you can also add molasses or maple syrup, but i like them tangy.

    parsnip, turnip, stuff like that. it's really good.

    third option is take butternut squash, cook and mash up. eat instead of mashed potatoes. SOOO good.

    fourth option: spaghetti squash. with peas and a little EVOO, salt and pepper it is a whole meal in iteslf.

    fifth option, which i still prefer but refrain from: Doritos, nacho flavor and/or sour cream and onion potato chips. totally sublime, totally not cool.


  3. wow you are ready for another marathon already...dude I'm lazy apparently.

    let's see...I started eating strawberries with my nightly kashi cereal....

    Love apples, pears and plums for quick snacks during the day. I can slap them in my purse and make sure i have something available

  4. So much to think about! I love that kind of post-race/ good run sore too. Haven't had that in awhile. Must remedy that soon!

    Don't fret too much about the weight. Your body is still doing a lot right now and needs good energy (I love the roasted garbanzo bean idea above). I started to lose my stray weight around three or four months after Claire arrived - and I only know that because suddenly my pants were looser. Find the weight where you look and feel your best - strongest, healthiest. If it happens not to be your "real" weight, let it go.

    As for adding fruits and veggies? Some days I make a salad of green apple and carrot slices with a handful of raisins and another handful of pecans or walnuts. Sometimes I add celery for more crunch or strawberries for a different taste. I have a passion fruit dressing I love. And then I have a big bowl of fruits and veggies I can snack on throughout the day.

  5. Instead of peanut butter, maybe a handful of almonds? or maybe switch to almond butter itself (it's kind of pricey, but I make mine stretch but not alternating with the peanut butter). I love bananas (which is weird b/c from ages 3 - 21 I hated them) easy to peel and good energy. I love Cara Cara or Navel oranges when they're in season. Got home late last night and had some cut up watermelon. Love grapes (though I think I read somewhere that red are better for you, green are definitely my fave), strawberries etc.

    Philly (in Nov) might be my first half - eek! :o)

  6. It takes a while to lose weight after having a baby, especially if you're nursing, so don't be too hard on yourself. You are eating healthy foods and taking good care of yourself with exercise. If, after Nick is 6 months or so, you want to work a little harder, I highly recommend Weight Watchers.

  7. You are crazy to already be thinking about having another baby! And great job on your 10 miler. Seems like you've definetely got some speed in your legs you aren't exploiting. But training for a marathon and getting faster might not be the easiest thing to accomplish. Maybe focus on a 10K in the short term and wait for Philly as your marathon?

    And I'm no help with the nutrition. I'm terrible myself.

  8. This post is for mamas... sorry i dont have any advice. Eating, well listening to what i eat, will piss you off so we just wont go there ;)

    as for the speed. HOLY CRAP. your fast! 8:15 pace. Apparently i missed that line on your previous post. HELLO! thats flipping awesome. Your a rockstar. Push out a baby and magically run 8:15 pace! Go natalie!!!!!

  9. I'm not sore at all from Sunday and I'm a little disappointed. Shows I could have pushed SO much harder.

    As for the snacking on the bars, what about making something warm and a little more heartly. I eat some bulgar every afternoon with carrots and it really fills me up and holds me over until dinner. A warm grain mixed with some veggies would be really good nutritionally and filling.

    I'd like to do another race, too but the training for the ultra is so different. If I signed up for a marathon it would pretty much be paying for my long run that wknd. So I figure I mine as well save the money. I have tons of long runs every wknd so you can pay me and pretend you're racing!

  10. I need to find a marathon for the fall. I too feel like I should be running faster, but I am comfortable where I am at. However, I would like to keep the pace up during a marathon!

  11. Hi there-- I found your blog through Lisa's blog on runners world. way to go on Boston. I had a baby a year ago, and wanted to share my experience with the weight loss. I think I felt similar to you-- I lost almost all the baby weight within 4 months or so, but even though the number on the scale was right I still felt like I had some extra on me. I started keeping a food journal a few months later, and after 9 months (when my baby was 9 months old) or so literally the weight just fell off. After months of feeling like I wasn't losing, once I started the food journal I lost it all really fast. I think my body just needed time and it helped me to pay attention to what I was eating. I certainly don't feel like I deprive myself or am "dieting" now. Now I am 10 pounds below my pre-preg weight. I'm still nursing twice a day and I really think that helps... but mostly I want to encourage you to have patience. I know it is hard but truly it will happen!!