Do you TOFU?

I eat tofu just out of the package - I'll chop it up and stick some other veggies with it and just eat it. If Bill is going to have some, I'll grill it with some olive oil. What do you do with your tofu?

Today is just gorgeous out. What a great day! I ran on the treadmill this morning while Nick finished sleeping and then got out later to the path at Valley Forge to run a few miles. I wasn't planning on it, but I was out that way and always have my running clothes in the car, and it was just too beautiful out not to go! Nick was a bit fussy, or I would have probably done another mile. I did 7 this morning in a little over an hour (mid/high 8 pace) and 2 miles later in the morning at a 9:20 pace. Now that I know I can go a bit faster, I'm pushing it harder. And it is nice!

Nick is starting to require more attention and stimulation. When he starts crawling, I am in for it. Good thing I still have a few more months.

Do you take the people that you love for granted? I am horrible with this. Then if something happens or they leave, I feel sad. It is a huge thing that I need to work on. Bill went on a one night trip to Chicago for work last night. I always miss him when he leaves.

5 things I appreciate about Bill:

He is a really good dad
He is super thoughtful
He is loving and sweet
Going on a date (we had our first date since Nick this past weekend) feels just like our first date
He makes really good Banana Bread and stuffed portabellos

Even though I can be a big pain in the butt sometimes, I always love you Beez!


  1. Aww, Bill sounds like such a keeper. :o)

    I don't do tofu, so I'm no help, but hopefully you find something extra yummy.

  2. I haven't been able to get into the whole tofu thing - though the prepared stuff they make for the salad bar at WF does look good!!! There is no substitute for good banana bread . . . hang onto your man!! :o)

  3. I am not brave enough to make tofu. I like it in things that other people make, but never have I made it.

    And so nice of you to take time to appreciate your husband. I need to remember to stop and do that some times as well.

  4. Not a tofu eater, but a big believer in saying "thank you" and "I appreciate you" to the husband! Those nights out now are so rare and far between but vital to keeping that relationship fresh and sacred.

    Glad you were able to get away with Bill and that things are settling down for you. And just wait, crawling isn't the hard part...it's walking!

  5. I have never tried tofu but would love to. I just don't know how to prepare it and cook it...

    And yes, I have taken those I love for granted. It's so easy to do ... but when their gone you definitely put things into perspective!

  6. Aww, yay, I'm so glad you guys finally got to have your date! Where did you go?

    I eat tofu in stir fry a lot, and sometimes just heated up with spinach and mushrooms and thrown into a wrap. When I was a kid, my neighbor would put a slab of it on a piece of toast and eat that for lunch. But that always sounded sort of gross to me.

  7. Wow a husband who makes banana bread! Now he is a catch! Sorry I do not eat Tofu, my mom went on a tofu kick when I was young and I hated it!! Great job on the runs! Super speedy!

  8. Awww! Bill is a keeper! What a sweetie! Sometimes i take the ones i love for granted. I really try not to but i guess thats life. Sometimes if i go a few days with out seeing Brian, i really miss him & try not to be so much of a pain! (because i am too!) :)

    I try and call my grandparents once a week because i know someday, i wont be able to. :(

  9. We eat tofu all the time! Love it! I usually saute it... sometimes adding garlic and curry powder and cumin to splice it up. You can bake it too which is a good way to do it so it doesn't get all broken up. Add any spices you can imagine. ;)

  10. Way for you and Bill to go out on a date. Those times alone are so important.

    Nice job on the runs. I think if you want to run faster than you have to make yourself run faster.

  11. Sounds like you two are really lucky to have each other. I totally take Andy for granted. I can't even keep up with my one minute hug a day resolution I made for this year. I need to be better about it.

    I like to brush tofu with buffalo wing sauce and bake it. Or blend it up in a smoothie.

  12. i have tried tofu, but haven't actually purchased any. When i finish this simple challenge and have cleared out my cabinets it's on my list to buy.

    good call on taking time to appreciate those cloeset

  13. I can't do tofu. Texture is the number one concern for me as far as food goes, and tofu is devoid of texture. I feel like I'm eating carpet underpadding. Sometimes, if it is "snuck in" and I don't know about it I'm almost ok with it, but that happens very rarely. Nice shout out to the hubs.

  14. not a tofu fan. I've tried.

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