Busy Busy!

You are supposed to be napping mister!!!

This week has been busy. I ate my breakfast (oat bran) out of the pot yesterday ! Nick hasn't been napping too well, I'm working on that. When he doesn't nap, I get nothing done.

I've been eating my oatmeal or oat bran w/o the peanut butter. This has been better for me! And having cereal (Kashi Go Lean) w/ cranberries and almonds on the side of it so that I am full in the morning. It seems to help so that there are less spoon and peanut butter jar issues. I am back to some smoothies the last 2 days. I bought the frozen cherry berry mix of fruits from trader joe's and that makes me want a smoothie. I've been eating well with fruits and veggies and good snacks, but I still wake up starving and am hungry at night. I counted calories a couple of days and it was around 2000-2200. I'm thinking maybe I need to eat more, but that whole eating more thing when I want to get some weight off, has never worked for me. What do you think?

Here's an idea of what I'm eating this week (it hasn't changed much)
balance bar pre workout
Oatbran/Oatmeal w/ a little brown sugar, flaxseed, wheat germ and cinnamon
Kashi Go Lean w/ cranberries and almonds
cherry/blueberry/raspberry/blackberry/ banana, milk and flax smoothie
multigrain flax trader joe's crackers w/ my almond nutter
2 mini apples
a bunch of werthers - a big problem - I eat alot of these
California veggie burger - dr praegers on whole wheat bread - these are yummy - w/ ketchup
spinach frittata
Boca cheeseburger
Z bar/granola bar/pick at kashi at night

One of my worst things is when I bake. I always have to try what I've baked and try the batter. I did that yesterday. The picture of the blondies that I saw just made me have to make some for a friend whose dog died. No matter how hard I try, I almost always can't say no to licking the spoon and trying the baked good. What is your biggest temptation?

I haven't been running very well, so I cut back to longer runs but less days. Pushing the stroller makes running insane. My whole upper body gets a major workout too. Abby was brave and pushed it for a bit while we ran on Tuesday. I ran with it today and it felt like the longest run ever.

Today I received some POM juice in the mail that I am going to try out and tell you about soon!
Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. OH MY GOD would you look at those eyes! That face! He's GORGEOUS!

  2. i bet pushing that stroller is hard work!!! you will have some nice arm muscles from it :)

  3. Nap time is the only time to get things done, especially once they start moving! It goes in cycles, don't worry.

  4. That stroller is hard work to push. I've pushed one for like 20 seconds one day and about died. I give you props.

    Nick has the prettiest blue eyes. what a cutie pie!

  5. I love POM juice. Nick is freaking adorable!! Those running strollers really do look like a LOT of work, it seems like it would be hard to run without being able to swing your arms.

  6. Oh my gosh...look at him! He's getting so big.

  7. Wow! What a cute kid!! :) They grow up so fast, don't they?

    Sounds like you're fueling yourself really well. :)

  8. Look at those eyes! He is so beautiful. :)

    I bet pushing the stroller is hard, I always think that when I see people doing it. Keep it up and I am sure it will get easier! Great job on the healthy diet. My biggest tempation is anything greasy/salty.

  9. I don't think I can help you much with the food/nutrition questions... but I can tell you that you have one handsome little one there!

  10. I baby sat a 22 month old last night and apparently I'm too old for kids, he wears me out!

  11. He is GORGEOUS. It's overwhelming how much you love him, isn't it.

    I can't have peanut butter in the house, otherwise I would attack it with a spoon.

    Forgot to say, my Sis emailed me (after reading my blog) to say she was amazed you ran a marathon so soon. You're becoming an international legend!

  12. Come on, you HAVE to lick the spoon when baking! Didn't you know it's one of the core quality-of-life components: food, water, shelter, relationships, and cookie dough? Not tasting the batter is just plain creepy ;)

    Love that blond hair -- what a little charmer.

  13. OMG Nick is so big and precious! that cute lil face, my goodness. Congratulations on your Boston marathong finish quite impressive chica on such a challenging course oh not to mention so short after giving birth to such a cutie!! Congrats!