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Thanks for the help on yesterday's post. I usually do eat more veggies than that, and butterscotch tastetastions are my Werthers hard candy addiction. Eat more veggies, for sure. I'm getting off the bars little by little - mostly by making my own! That program to track your foods is at fitday and is free! If anyone has thoughts on the calories -more? less?, let me know!

Lately, since I'm not going back to work for another year and a few months, I figured I could start trying to make things on my own. I've always been one to see things in the store and try to make it at home - from greeting cards to wedding countdown boards, jewelry and emergency wedding kits, and food! Here are some of the foods that I started making on my own. My latest inspiration has been the fun gang over at Hangry Pants - Heather & Mark - who happen to be Villanova grads too!

I asked for a food processor for Christmas and I've definitely utilized the thing!

This one doesn't really count, but I started buying dried beans and soaking them to use for my dinners. They taste better and it saves money!

Nut butters - almond and peanut butter. It is probably better if I stop doing this so that I stop eating so many nutters, but I'll buy it at the store anyway!

Bean patties - so easy to make and healthy ! Using my dried soaked beans...

And most recently - Lara type bars.
I used 4 tbs of pitted dates and added some water. Food processed.
Then added cocoa roast almonds (so good), oatmeal, cranberries, a bit of coconut and a few chocolate chips. I didn't measure (I'm so bad at measuring things but a good baker!) but was aiming for 12 tbs. I added all that in the food processor and processed a little, but so that they were still chunky. I made them into mini bars and I put them in the fridge (after trying one) and they are so good!

This morning's breakfast - sweet potato pancakes adapted from Jessica Seinfeld's recipe:
1/2 cup sweet potato mashed (or pumpkin)
1 cup water
1 cup flour, 1 tsp baking powder

There are tons of make your own options and they are getting more popular - here are a few!
Mix your own granola
element bar

In the spirit of make your own, Hangry Pants is having an element bar contest:

Running - has been going ok. I've been slacking on stretching and did yoga for the first time yesterday in several weeks. My knees are the victim here, in the yoga and stretching slacking off so I have to get back into that. I ran 33 miles last week but a good amount of the running was kind of a drag.

Nutrition before the run article


  1. I've been dying to get in my new kitchen and try making my own bars, etc. I just can't find the time. Maybe after training when I have more of my wknds back I can start experimenting.

  2. Your soo good ad cooking up grub & making your own meals from home. I envy your cooking skills & creativity :)

  3. Those sweet potato pancakes looks delish! (And easy!) I foil grill mine, but I'd love new ways to eat them. I'll have to try these. Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. How much can I pay you to come cook for me?? Those Sweet potato pancakes look so good. I bet they would be good with some agave or maple syrup :) I love Lara bars, but yours look even more natural and those ingredients sound yummy. Going to have to try those bean patties too!