Molly from POM wonderful sent me a case of mini POM juices to try. If the bottle wasn't cute enough, the juice is pretty thirst quenching. POM juice has a slew of health benefits backed by research.

Some of these HEALTH BENEFITS are :

improved blood flow
slows onset of prostate problems
super antioxidant power
Notable Nutritional Info for 8 oz:
150 calories
600g potassium
37g carbs

Here were my thoughts on the POM -
  • It is pretty sweet and high in calories. I diluted it with water and it was less sweet and cut back on some of those calories.
  • It was a bit tangy, but it came in the mail on one of those super hot and humid days last week. I'm wondering if maybe it lost some of its flavor from being in the heat.
  • I was a big fan of the bottle. It is cute and fun to carry around in the small size.
  • I like the antioxidant power of it and the health benefits.

  • At the store they sell it in bigger servings and it can be pretty costly. However if you dilute it - then you are getting more for your buck!
Today I went swimming. It could have been a day to get up and go to the masters since Nick was up around 4:50 and masters starts at 5. But I was like a pirate. I couldn't keep my one eye open as hard as I tried. So I went back to bed and swam on my own. The neat thing is that the workout that they do is always up on the board still when I go. So I still do the workout (at least 45 min of it) just not with the fun/challenge of swimming with other people. Hopefully soon I'll get Nick on a schedule. It is kind of frustrating that I suck at getting him on one.

In continuing my being thankful for this week, today I'll be thankful for my mom. I always give her a hard time.
5 nice things to say
1- She is super thoughtful. She would always put a good luck note in my lunchbag when I had big games in high school. She would be the mom who bought the seniors flowers and organize things like that.
2- she doesn't hold a grudge. I've been mean to her, definitely, from college and on. I threw an orange at her on purpose this one time in florida I was mad, and it hit her in the head. I would probably not speak to me for a long time. But she forgets and moves on. I hope Nick doesn't throw any fruit at me.
3 - she is carefree and doesn't really let much bother her
4- she wants to be involved with everything and wants to help everyone. She is a really good person
5- she would do anything for me. She's a great mom

Nick is getting huge and his feet touch the floor now from the jumperoo!


  1. Those were really nice things you said about your mom. I was really hard on my mom growing up but a lot of it was b/c of my own issues. Thankfully we have a great relationship now.

  2. I still haven't tried POM. Sounds interesting.

  3. I need to try POM.

    YOur mom sounds like my mom. The best! I never hit her with a fruit, but i did hide from her in macy's when i was small in a clothing rack b/c she wouldbt buy me a dress. (WHAT A BRAT!) Then after the amber alert went off, i came out. Boy was she pissed.

    After that day, i didnt really do much. But i asume with time, we will have our spats, but i know she loves me an will always be there for me.

    Good moms are hard to come by. We are two lucky laides :) Happy Wednesday

    P.S. Nickaroo is super cute in all the pics on your otha blog!!! Love how big he is gettin. THat jumper-roo looks SUPER fun! I wish they made them for people my age LOL

  4. I am going to have to try POM. Great job in the pool. Nice of the masters class to post their workout. I like swimming alone, but that is mainly because I am slow!

  5. You threw an orange at your mom's head? Yikes! :)

  6. Hey! Megan from Sesame Seed here! I was wondering...I have registered for the Precious Planet Jumperoo pictured in this post...How do you like it?

  7. I can't believe how big your little guy is getting. I need to try the POM stuff.

  8. you know i haven't tried pom..i'm not really a juice drinker in general because of the calories.

    way to go on being consistent with the swimming!

  9. I'm an sucker for anything in a small container. Ecofriends? Hardly. Adorable? Absolutely!

  10. I keep seeing POM everywhere - going to give it a try!! Thanks for the heads up on the diluting thing.

    My mum is awesome too. I think I have probably done some things in my life that she didn't expect and yet she's still supportive, not to mention a great listener - we have started calling her the Listen Lady :o)

    Can't believe how big Nick has grown!!! Does he have more hair? I love his booties - they're so cute!!

  11. Pom and Vodka...very tasty, just sayin'. LOL!
    I love all your nice comments about your mamma, she sounds awesome. And I think it's in our nature as girls to have a rocky relationship with our moms growing up - it makes the later years that much more sweet!
    Good job on the swim, and Nick is getting so handsome!

  12. Sweet mom comments! I need to start being better about that because I always give my mom a hard time, too.