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#2 and #6..unathletic runner & Laurie!...send me your addresses!


Veggie burgers- I'm straying away from boca/morningstar- what are your fave all natural veggie burgers??

Green tea- if you add milk to it, does it ruin any of the benefits? I thought I read that somewhere. Do you add anything to your tea to spice it up??I used to be a splenda user but stopped using it when I got pregnant.


  1. hi..got to your blog from chasingthekenyans...in answer to question..I make my own vegan burgers, onions, lentils, diced veg etc...with a bit of rice flour as 'glue'...and i don't knowif milk would stop the good effects of green tea..but honestly..the taste????? Hey..i read your post where you questioned why u were so tired!!!...i think having a very young baby and feeding him takes 'more out of you' than you think...(and i speak from experience..i have 5..)
    good luck with it all...great blog

  2. I like tea, and I like (soy)milk in my tea, but I don't like green tea. And I can't imagine milk with green tea. You may want to try rooibos tea though. It's tasty with or without milk. AND it's even healthier than green tea. Oh, and it's caffeine free too if you care about that kinda thing. I love to use it to make chai. And I made a sports drink with it since it's full of minerals. If you're looking for a caffeine kick, try yerba mate. Also tasty with or with milk, and makes a good chai too. I tend to sweeten my tea with either agave nectar, pure maple syrup or honey. Hope this helps.

  3. I'm boring and drink my tea plain...and I'm a fan of the plain old boca burger.

  4. My husband went on a diet at the start of the year and now loves Boca burgers and veggie burgers. We really like the chicken patties - they really taste like chicken! I just do a once round in the pan with olive oil, cook as per instructions (ummm, actually I don't think pan fry was an option in the instructions, but I did it anyway and it worked) and serve with a big salad (we just did lettuce w/ cucumber slices, tomato wedges, carrots, and low fat feta cheese crumbles and low fat Italian dressing on the side.

    I am trying to drink more tea (as in try to start liking it since I know it's good for you!)

  5. My Favorite are the Garden Burger Flame Grilled Soy, the smoky flavor takes getting used too but they are 90 calories with 12 grams of protien. I know that they are soy which isn't the best but it's difficult to find concentrations of protien like this without getting into the soy...

  6. My favorite veggie burgers:

    homemade: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Homemade-Black-Bean-Veggie-Burgers/Detail.aspx

    quick meal: Fantastic Foods falafel mix shaped into burger-size patties & sauteed.

    frozen: Amy's California burgers

    I'm a black coffee, straight tea drinker, but just because I like the taste. There are a lot of Chai-flavored green teas that get that spicy, comforty flavor without milk. I also like to mix teas -- fruity hibiscus teas (like Tazo's Passion) go really well with green.

  7. I have no idea about the effect of milk on green tea but the Matcha Green Tea Blasts from Jamba Juice are awesome! I know, not a helpful comment, but it's all I know about green tea.

  8. You're funny. Yes, I know I've been getting up early to train for months now, but I didn't run a marathon 10 weeks after giving birth either. ;)

    Soy milk in my green tea. Don't know about health benefits? MorningStar veggie burgers... never tried Amy's brand but her pizzas are awesome so ptobably vegige burgeres would be too.

  9. I was just going to leave you a note about homemade veggie burgers. I use the same recipe as Jessica and it's great. I baked them. They don't fall apart, either.

    There is a tea that I enjoy called Nativa Yerba Mate made from South American plants. nativaherbs.com I know it's imported into the US too. Good energy, no need for milk to enjoy the taste.

  10. my fav veggie burgers are the amy's california ones. you asked a few questions on my blog, Harper came from my love of to kill a mockingbird and also ben harper, the musician. i got my blog layout online somewhere, can't remeber which site, but i just googled for free blogger skins and trolled through hundreds until i found one i could live with.

  11. i love the layout! so snazzy!!! and summery!! :)