Swim along

Yesterday I took Nick swimming for almost an hour. A kid had pooped in the rec pool so we went in the lap pool - it was kind of cold, but he was awesome and didn't cry. He liked it! He slept 3 hours after that and 9 hours last night. Today I took him back to swim. The kid pool is kind of nuts. There are kids jumping, splashing and throwing stuff. Where are their parents? Yea, I don't know. We went in the lanes next to the kid pool which are deeper and I walked him up and down the lane. He put his head back today and really enjoyed it. He is taking his nice long nap now! While I'm there, alone, people come up and tell me stories about when they started swimming with their kid, etc etc.

Today a lady told me if I let go of him, he'd float, because it is innate. Well, I'm not ready for that yet, even though I sort of believe her. She was normal and nice. Another lady comes up with a kid who looked really annoying and asked me if I was breastfeeding. Wait What?? Really? She could tell by his skin. And she was going on about it. This is when I need to have another language ready and pretend I don't speak english. But how do you tell the nuttos from the normal nice people? Yesterday I was making a mommy friend before my friend Jen came to the pool with her little boy, and that was fun! But whoa, today taught me the lesson to analyze the questions you are getting asked and break into another language quickly and move away.

In any case, swimming might be a daily thing. He enjoys it and so do I!

Being more conscious and working about eating a little more, here was my day today

Oatmeal with 1 TBSP almond nutters, some oat bran and cinnamon
Kashi with cranberries and mini chocolate chips
1/2 a powerbar on the road
Gardenburger chicken kind on 1/2 a La Tortilla Wrap
Spinach Fritatta on a piece of whole wheat bread
For dinner: Stuffed Portabellos & homemade Black Bean Burger w/ some kind of veggie on the side

Doing better! Less nutters !


  1. sounds like your enjoying yourself at the pool. :) i went to the exhabit "our body, the universe within" and we watched a movie about babies and how up till a certain age, you can put them in the pool and they wont drown. it was really strange and neat. from what i understand their lungs close off because of being in the whomb so they can handle being in the water. you should check it out, it was really neat!

    even though, i would still be hesitant lettin lil nickers float around... :) happy thursday

  2. Oh my gosh...love the idea of having another language ready! Try pig latin!!

  3. Oh, and I'm running 20in24, that's the ultra. I'm a lone ranger. It's July 18th-19th, all day event. Feel free to come do a lap w/ me. I'm allowed to have pacers.

  4. I always feel slightly offended when strangers asked if I'm breastfeeding. I know I shouldn't, but I think it's kind of personal.

  5. And what did she mean she could tell by his skin? I've never heard that one before. I'm off to google it... :-)