One of those swims

Today, I had one of those swims where I lost track of the time and realized I was swimming longer than I planned to. I usually go for 45 minutes and leave Nick at the daycare. More than that usually makes it difficult to get home in time for him to eat and would make the car ride home tricky. When I dropped Nick off today, it was shortly after he ate, and he was asleep. I was planning on 30 minutes today because I was so unmotivated on Saturday, I didn't know if I would really be feeling it. I followed the workout on the board from this morning's masters workout. I looked at my watch the first time and 27 minutes had passed. I kept going. Next time I looked 40 minutes were done! And the next time 47 - so I just kept going until I did 3000 yds. It took me around 55 minutes.

Last year swimming at LM with the Masters, we could do that in about 45 minutes. It would help alot if I could swim with people, but it was a good workout for today! I finished it off with Jillian level 2 - how many levels are there of this? I only do either level 1 or level 2 once a week. I feel like they are the same difficulty and it helps me to lift when I might not do so.Here's my oatmeal w/ a 1/2 tbs peanut butter, some flax, mystery grain and cinnamon.
After that I had my kashi with a few almonds. I'm out of cranberries and it made a difference!
Lunch was a la tortilla wrap w/ spinach frittata.
I had my berry smoothie w/ banana and protein powder and I've had some chocolate today and hard candy.
Dinner will probably be leftovers from last night or a veggie burger and some mushrooms.

I followed up on my letter to the sup't from last week, (I hadn't heard a thing), and they said they were looking into it - which could be good.

As soon as I thought about it, leaving Nick a few days a week, I was like, oh boy, what did I get myself into? But it would be a good thing. Right now, I decided, as much as I miss work, I'm living a life of luxury, kind of. I have no real stress in my life and it is so rewarding to spend the day with little Nick! I was thinking of having the first 2 kids pretty close together, like a year or year and a half. But this is fun and not chaos yet, so I might spread those 2 out a bit more than I thought to enjoy this more!

local 10 miler and savings for fall races


  1. Good job on the workout! I am sure when it comes time to trully make your decision about leaving Nick a few days a week, your heart and mind will lead in the right direction - oh, and the hubbs will be a help, too!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. I have no idea how you can swim for 55 minutes. I'd drown.

  3. My first two kids are 19 months apart, let me just say that the second child changes everything. No matter when you decide to have your next child, enjoy each moment you can with just Nick, it's so priceless (even the not so good times!)

    Great job with the swimming and I'm really impressed with your eating habits...it makes me want to do better.

  4. You really make me want to swim. I think I'm going to google open swim places in my area since I don't want to join a gym. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Dang girl. Your quite the swimmer! You rock!!! Glad your enjoying time with Nick!! Woot woot for stress free non chaotic life!! :)

  6. The chicken mcnuggets are 2 years apart and I have zero idea how I managed to swing it LOL. But you do. No matter what way you want to roll, enjoy it him while he's tiny :-)

  7. I wish I could swim like you. 3000 yards would take me forever. Great job.

    As for the kids, enjoy Nick. You'll know when you are ready for #2.

  8. what is "Jillian 2?"

  9. I've been following your blog now for a couple months. I haven't commented before but I loooove reading what you write. I am also in the midst of deciding when to have the second kiddo (current 'lil man is 16 months old). I would have to say that I couldn't imagine having a baby right now...it's just too much fun with my one and only. I was always one to think I'd have them two years apart, just like my sister and me, but I dunno, I am just enjoying the one so much right now that I'm having a tough time thinking about number two! So good luck with your decision and like others have written...just enjoy every moment you can...even when it seems like you just want to pull your hair out!