The Magnum Bar - a European delight - made a debut in the US in March. As part of Food Buzz I was able to try a free sample of the bars.  I have been looking for them far and wide, and the other day Bill came home with a box. The Magnum Bar! Where did you find these? TARGET was the goldmine for the Magnum Bar. Bill knew about them from traveling in Europe. 

These are ice cream bars - covered with chocolate.  There are 4 flavors that I know of - Classic, Double Caramel, Almond and Double Chocolate. They sell for just over $3 a box and only 3 come in a box. As you will see later, that's a good thing!

I thought that 3 bars in a box was a major ripoff - and spending approximately $1 a bar is expensive.  These are not the sort of thing that I would buy or eat at any time! Bill loves the Dove bars and this type of dessert though. I sampled (had a bite of) the Classic - Vanilla Ice Cream with the Chocolate Coating and the Double Chocolate - Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Syrup and Chocolate Coating. Whoa!! I wasn't impressed so much with the Vanilla but the Double Chocolate was ridiculous!  Really rich, creamy and chocoholic's delight! These rate big for taste for sure! Bill said they were AWESOME.

However, take a look at the box. You will need to hit the treadmill on overtime if you plan to make these a habit.  The Classic had 240 calories and 16 grams of fat with 10 grams saturated fat (50% DV). Yikes!! The Double Chocolate was even worse with 350 calories and 21 grams of fat, 16 grams saturated (80% DV).  So, there you go. Would I keep these in my house? No way! I have the willpower to avoid these (not like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies) but they are too expensive and too bad for you to keep around.  Are they delicious and a great every now and then treat?  Indeed!! Probably a good pregnancy pop. : )


  1. I've been wondering about these but haven't picked up a box to look at the nutrition facts. I figured up the weight watcher points for the double chocolate just now.....9!! Just to put things into perspective a WHOLE regular size snickers bar has 6! Definitely shouldn't keep these in the house lol

  2. These babies look sooooooo good. The commercials have been killing me! Great review - good to know they are worth it as a treat, but I probably don't need to have those in my freezer. :)

  3. Magnum bars were EVERYWHERE in Spain. Every little corner store and restaurant was selling them. Even on vacation the nutrition stats scared me.

    So of course they had to follow me home! I wish I you hadn't confirmed they are good, lol.

  4. These look delish!! And super dangerous!

  5. They really are delicious, but I never buy them. I'm afraid I'll eat them.

    And they've been compared to a packet of butter!


  6. I've seen a commercial about these bars and had some inappropriate thoughts before i knew it was for ice cream bars... =/

  7. Totally worth procreating if you ask me. ;)