Playing around w/ the marathon idea

I'm coming around to the marathon. I think I am going to start off the training and see how it goes. I'll do it for a month (maybe 2?) and see where I am.  If I don't think I'm in a good place, I'll just run the halfs that I have planned.  I'm kind of getting bored of 3 days a week swimming and I think I can find a way to swim 2 days, spin 1 day and run 4 days.  I don't think I even care if I PR at the marathon, I would just like to run with my sister since I signed up for it and it would be our first marathon together - first real race actually. 

I think I can do this:
Mon - swim, Tues- run, Wed- run, Thurs- spin & run, Fri- swim, Sat - run. Sun - off

This weekend is the sprint tri. I'm excited but clueless at the same time. Should I be tapering this week? Who knows? I'm just doing my normal thing. Maybe on Friday I'll go easy.  Our 6th wedding anniversary is on Saturday, same day as the race.  Time goes so quickly!

Showing our house and trying to sell it has made me seriously go half crazy. It has been insane trying to leave the house with a clinger (Kara) and making sure all the toys are away and house looks pristine. I really hope we can sell it, I cannot last much longer with this showing BS. It's been almost 2 months.   When I am out, I look for moms with kids around the same ages as mine to talk to. I feel like sometimes I just want to reach out and ask people "Does this get easier?"   The days have been long.


  1. Does marathoning for MCM mean you'll be marathoning in Philly, too? I was looking forward to seeing you out there :)

  2. Good luck with the tri - take Friday off... it'll do you good! :)

    I love the idea of seeing how you feel in a month or so. The race with your sister would be a memory you'd have forever!

  3. I forgot you had the house up for sale. Man that sounds like such a hassle with 2 kiddos. I do not envy you!! I hope you sell it soon!

    I probably would rest on Friday and maybe even Thursday in preparation for Saturday, but that's just me.

    Happy Anniversary! Are you and your hubby planning to do anything special?

  4. and we've been trying to sell for a year........*sigh* I really wish it would sell!!

    I know the feeling, I've been having the same feelings he last few days, does it get easier? I know it does, but when??

  5. Check out Jess's post about it getting easier. I wish I could send you hugs!!! Hang in there!