On training and running

We had a great time at the beach for a long weekend. Not a relaxing one... but a fun one with the kids. Everything seems to be more fun with them, but go go go! : )

I love running at the shore and I only ran 3 miles down there. I couldn't motivate! I'm starting to worry that I am not going to be all in for the fall marathon :( The training starts in a month - July 11. I'm really enjoying the no pressure to get to a certain mileage and kind of moving away from running. But I signed up for Marine Corps and want to get a good time (kind of)? and got a good deal on a coach through my running club. What to do??

Yesterday I showed up at speedwork for the first time in...a long time. My body is feeling it today - it's a good hurt! We did 3 x 4 300s with 100 rest in between and 400 between each set. Great workout for 8.4 miles - longest I've ran since the half marathon. Swam today and tomorrow is spin. I'm going to go with the sprint triathlon (after I realized I can still change that!) and I'm just kind of nervous that I'm not going to be in for this marathon training right now! Any thoughts?

I'm still counting calories and eating 1500-1800 and it's working. I feel like I am toning up and losing extra fat.

I want to go back to the beach....

 but it is so hard being out of the routine and not having the Y in the mornings down there, that's for sure!


  1. Summer is messing with my mojo - I just want to lay on the beach or sip a cocktail on the patio. :)

    Great job on the speed work!!!

  2. hopefully you start feeling good about the running soon.

    going to a beach sounds so good right now!

  3. Awesome job at the track. I love the good hurt. You'll be fine for the tri as long as you get a little swimming and biking in, so long as it's the sprint. Just think of it as cross training.

  4. I totally agree that everything in life is more fun with kids even if it can be challenging and exhausting. Love the beach pics.

    Marathon training and racing takes a lot of effort, so if your heart isn't in it right now maybe you should search for another challenge this fall? The marathon will always be there and when you feel 100% motivated to go after a PR, you can always do it then.

  5. Ahh the beach. Jealous!