week in review

Thank you for the support and encouragement on my last post - I think everything has its ups and downs and sometimes I just think I'm not in the right place when I'm in the 'downs.' When it comes down to it, I feel like a lucky person that has little to complain about. Some days are hard and sometimes I can take it in stride and other days I can't and let it get to me.  In the end, everything works out!

Today I agreed to run a 5k with my 14-year old second cousin who is considering dropping soccer and playing XC when she starts as a 9th grader in the fall. Supposedly she's wicked fast and runs 100s and 400s and her pace 6:00/mile but this was her first 5k. I was getting nervous thinking I was going to pass out at the finish but excited thinking it could be a PR day with someone pushing me. Well, here's how the 5k went down: 10 seconds in: "Can we go slower?" I looked at my watch and it said we were going 8:45 pace. And it only got slower from there. There was alot of "this is going to take forever!"  "can we go slower" and "oh my god."  I just tried to put her at ease and keep her going. We walked a bit, slowed down often and made it to the finish in just over 30 minutes. Not quite the morning that I was hoping for, but the race was for a great cause and I helped her ease into running a 5k. 

I skipped the awesome spin class to do the 5k and later had to find time to run, so my day was kind of busy with alot of running around. I had to bring my bike to the bike store to fix the flat (f that, I wasn't figuring it out and doing it myself).  I took the kids to the pool and ran into some people from swimming and confirmed that I'm doing the sprint next weekend over the olympic distance.

Here was my week of training: (last week in my cycle- feeling half decent)
Monday - swim 4000
Tuesday - speedwork around 8 miles
Wednesday - run 3 miles, swim 3000 yards
Thursday - lift/abs, spin 21 miles, run 1 mile
Friday - swim 4000
Saturday - run 9 miles total
Sunday - I need to spin again!

As far as the marathon, I think I am going to ask for half marathon training/coaching instead and take it from there? I feel like I'm letting myself down & my sis on this one, but I'm not feeling it.

Eating - I have been pretty good about counting calories but not really dropping weight, just maintaining and making sure I'm not hoarding food : )


  1. I did good watching my food intake the later part of this week. I started taking a B supplement and it has really helped with the PB cravings. So thankful for that bc weight loss isn't happening with eating PB all the time!

  2. Hey you! I've been trying to comment for a while, but blogger is being weird. Anyway - what I've been wanting to say is - you are a great mom and very driven and dedicated. It's normal to feel stressed out and overwhelmed sometimes - and it's OK to take a break! Be good to yourself - you're worth it!

  3. You need to do what is best for you right now...if that is a half then go for it! Sometimes younger runners have a hard time when it comes to pacing themselves! What a good cousin you are to stick with her to the end!

  4. I need to run a 5k I feel like every blog I read someone ran one... I cant imagine even running a half marathon let alone a whole one! Even a half is a huge accomplishment!!

  5. I would think getting coaching for a half is a good idea. You must be exhausted with 2 wee ones and exercise - I know I'm feeling it at the mo and I have just Murray. Do you think all the mummy hormones leaving your body leave you cream crackered, or is it just that it is a flipping roller coaster ride and you never quite get into the cart before it pulls out from the start line! LOL!