An update on the SONY W3 series

I had done a review on the SONY W Series MP3 player. 

It was only after about a week or two of using them so here's my update which I will update on the review also!

I wore them for the ODDyssey half marathon - I was a bit iffy about using them for a race but it was either them or my wool hat and the weather was in the 70s.  They worked great! I didn't have to fumble with them at all and the music was clear.  Here are my thoughts:

I love the idea of not having to hold something or secure to my body.

Sometimes when I sweat too much and my ears are wet, they do not stay in well.

I think they are great for lifting and light cardio, but they worked great for running!

The worst quality they have is when not being used, you keep them together by a magnet. The magnet is weak and I'll be driving or somewhere and hear music because the 2 sides come apart. 

Because they only work with a PC, I really don't update it much so that is a pain - same songs again and again.

Overall I really like it and recommend them.

I'm on a bike high and really enjoying the bike right now! I did 2 spin classes this week - Thursday morning with awesome instructor and then I swam this morning and got out early for a crappy instructor (I didn't know at the time).  This weekend we are at the shore so I couldn't do the good class tomorrow. I'm really enjoying the time off from the running, and feeling strong in the pool and on the bike. Since the last day to change from olympic to sprint was yesterday and I wasn't ready to make that decision, looks like I'm in for the olympic!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Adorable pictures of your little ones... You're one lucky mama!