Attn Moms: Happy Babies Meals REVIEW

I emailed the company Happy Baby to see if I could try & review their products. They sent me some free coupons for the frozen meals for babies and for toddlers. We aren't at the toddler part yet but I picked up some frozen cubes @ Whole Foods. These were so cool! They had different ones for different ages, so I picked up two 7 + months ones and one for 9 months for later that sounded really good.

Here is the packaging below:

First Nick tried GREAT GREENS: that was 7+ months that had great greens: spinach, mango and pear (I tasted it - it was GOOoood!) That is shown below. For dinner he tried EASY GOING GREENS: peas, green beans and brown rice. All of this is organic.

Here's Nick eating it for the first time:

And then on cube #2 or 3:

Happy Babies has frozen cubes for 6 months+. The 6 months foods are more basic and by 7 months there are more combinations of foods. 9 months has some real good stuff - I picked up one with lentils, quinoa, and black beans. I would totally eat it! It is so cool they have this as a healthy organic food I can give to my baby!

The company was created out of a need for healthy organic baby food for moms/dads that didn't have time to make it. A healthy baby is a happy baby is the belief.

Besides the frozen meals, Happy Baby has organic cereals for babies - I use the multigrain, and organic puffs - we've tried apple and greens. I am happy with all of their products that I have tried and feel like I am giving Nick a good start.

I have never seen anything like this. I have my own frozen cubes in the freezer and I have time to make them. However, sometimes I do run out of variety and need to mix it up or make a new batch. These are great for me for those in between times or to alternate with what I am serving up. Also, some of the things - like green beans, seem tedious to make, so this makes it easy. I think the best use of something like this for me is if I was going to be away and leaving Nick with his grandparents for a weekend - these would be perfect! Same with the toddler meals as he gets older! They are very neat and very healthy and I feel confident serving this to my baby! I like the combinations, I think the frozen cubes are adorable, and I didn't find it extremely expensive. Just like all organic food, it is more pricey than less nutritional options, but not overly insane. It was on sale at Whole Foods for $3.50 a box, which is 12 cubes.

Nick had 1 for dinner and 3 for lunch. I wasn't sure how many to give him, so it would be nice if there was a suggestion on the box for new moms who have no clue to this whole food thing, but I just test it out. I'm looking forward to trying their other combos and their frozen toddler meals when Nick is a little older. Definitely something to check out, moms!

Extra bonus - you can find the puffs and cereal at Target, and the cereal at Amazon too!


  1. HAHA!! Nick is so cute! You can tell he totally loves the baby food! mmmmmmmmMMmmmm HAHA!

  2. That is so cute. Did he wash between flavours with his Cheerios?!! :)

  3. The first video is hilarious - he has this look on his face like he's thinking, "What on earth is this stuff?". Then by the second one he can't get enough of it! He is very cute! I think it's a great idea for times when, well, there really isn't enough time.

  4. OMG! That first bite in the first video was priceless! Nick is getting cuter and cuter each day! That is an awesome product! No babes yet for me, but I hope that they will still be around when I finally get around to having kids - they sound perfect!
    Again, Nick is just adorable in those videos! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Aw, he looks so cute trying them out!! Sounds like a really neat idea.

  6. That video is classic. :) Love how he opens his mouth right up like a little bird... :)

    Just wait though- Moana's feedings used to be like that. Now, for whatever reason, she feels the need to grab for the spoon, getting food all over her hands in the process, and then rubs her hands all over her face and hair. Lately, she's been covered in broccoli and spinach after each meal. Ha!

    Anyway, I'm still making all my food for M- sounds like the same stuff you can buy, really. I thought about starting my own company like that- making good frozen organic veggies/fruits/cereals because it's so easy! $3.50 for 12 isn't a bad price though. :)

  7. Awww, what a cutie! Sounds like a great product.

  8. I love their food! I didn't know about the puffs though...will have to check it out! As always Nick is a definite cutie!!

  9. These are a great idea. My sister just had a baby and, as a new mom, she's constantly worried about doing the right thing. I've only just recently convinced her of the importance of organic food. However, since my daughter is now 16, I'm not very baby food savvy. When I see my sister this weekend I think I'll stop off at Whole Foods first and swing her a gift. Thanks for the tip.

  10. What a great idea! And Nick is getting so big! He is super-cute.

  11. OK, I just watched the videos. I can't stand it. He is so freaking cute. I love what he does with his eyes after he tries the food. LOL!

  12. The videos are hilarious! Nick has got gorgeous big eyes!