Off to a good start

After dreading Tuesday's run, it actually went well. I have been just stopping after an hour or 7 miles. In my pre-baby life, I would always be motivated to go on for as long as I had. Yesterday I reached the 7 mile mark and kept on going - I made it to 8 miles. It was a good feeling! Today I had a nice swim - I've been able to get there earlier and stay a little bit later and finish 3650 yds the last 2 swims- it has been going well!
I've been keeping the food log which is really helpful to me and really helps me to stay accountable. I switched from fitday.com to sparkpeople. Since I'm still nursing I'm using babyfit. It is a decent site so far (just switched). Some days I find 2000 calories is way too little, so I have to keep eating. I'm not restricting just trying to listen to my signals here. I've lost 2 pounds now total from eating clean and logging. Today I am just major craving some warm chocolate chip cookies or muffins or something. I think that means I need to eat more so I don't have these cravings!! Below are some eat-clean meatballs made with TVP and grilled veggies.

What scares me - I could get into this being at home thing alot of the time. I hope that a part-time teaching job comes up where I can keep my job in the district but be home 3 of the days or something like that. I've been keeping busy and thinking of ideas for things to sell - tempo bars, baby schedule logs - hmmm. I just need to follow through on these ideas.

Nuun- geesh. I tried Nuun and it tasted like AIRBORNE to me? Should I give it another try? I have to review it and I feel bad about it! What do you like about Nuun?

That's about it. I leave you with this picture of Nick. Villanova is where Bill and I met.


1) WHAT is the difference between a food processor and the VITA mix?

2) Has anyone ever taken a book to be bound into something fun?
I want to make a baby eat/diaper etc log - I have a vision, but I have to see where to go from there.

3) Are veggies unlimited? They used to be for me - and really, they are so good for you! But I just realized that sweet potatoes are pretty high in those calories!! Do you limit your veggies?


  1. He is just SO cute!! I'm still kind of surprised they don't have some sort of p/t teaching opportunities - hope something gets worked out soon so you can feel happy being a mum AND a teacher!

  2. He's too cute! :) Great job on the 9 miler! :) Glad things are going well and you are feeling good.

  3. Nick is just too cute!! I'm happy you've found balance in so many things!! I'm sure you're feeling a lot better about it all!!!

  4. Look at you with the healthy eating! Good work. Nice run, too.

    Alright, the only question I can answer is 3) I do NOT limit my veggies.

  5. look at that handsome fella! he is getting so big! great job with the running! mojo coming back? HOPE SO!!! xoxo

  6. Go where the energy's taking you! I don't think it's a bad thing that you're enjoying being at home and coming up with all sorts of cool business ventures. There's always time to go back to teaching, whenever it makes sense, right?

  7. nice job on the run & eating habits! i'm sure you will figure out what you need/want/can do work/stay-at-home wise in due time. i'd just continue to enjoy watching little nick grow!

    no idea about 1 & 2, but veggies are not unlimited here either. part of that reason is that i have a hard enough time getting them in to begin with (due to long work hours, no fridge at work to store food in, etc) so i need all i can get!

  8. Great job on the run. I love that feeling where you can fly forever!

  9. Very cute picture. I have no idea on your questions. I'm clueless!

  10. most veggies you don't need to limit...realistically how many sweet potatoes could you eat in a day? probably less than you could a whole bag of cookies because they are so much more filling.

    glad the running is starting to feel good again

  11. He's getting so big!!

    I think veggies are unlimited except when it comes to the starchy/carbo ones...I try to keep those to one serving a day.

  12. I basically think of veggies and fruits as "free food" but then again, I am not a model eater, so don't follow my nutrition.

  13. I eat unlimited salad and veggies. Use them to bulk out most meals or make fat-free soup.