Eating Clean

This week, I am on track with eating clean! I'll share some foods below, but here have been some staples:

Breakfast- oats with almond butter, chia and sometimes protein powder
(on swim days I add quinoa)

Mid-morning - fruit/yogurt or an egg white/cottage cheese/mushroom/veggie omelette. Mmmm...

Lunch: veggies, gardenburger or the egg white omelette

Afternoon snack: kashi go lean, cranberries, fruit...

Dinner - various - tonight I made squash soup and bean patties.

Squash soup: (adapted from eat-clean diet)
Soak 2 TBS flaxseeds and 1/4 c sesame seeds in 2 separate bowls for one hour.
Bake a butternut squash at 350 for about an hour or till soft and tender. After 30 min I cut it in half. Scrape out the insides.
Saute garlic and olive oil, then add squash, + 3 c. veggie broth, oregano, and basil, + seeds. Puree in the blender and eat immediately! If too thick add water!

Bean patties
- I added almonds, flaxseeds and wheatgerm.

This came in the mail - a sample of somersaults. I like the name and they were a crispy snack that tasted like sesame seeds. I like small treats so they were yum.

From the eat-clean diet, I made yogurt cheese. Take a wad of yogurt (2 cups it says) and wrap in a cheese cloth, then put in a strainer with a bowl under it. Stick it in the fridge overnight. Water collects in the bowl. Dump out the water and use the yogurt that is left = yogurt cheese!

I used it to make dip for the bean patties. It was bland and tasted like sour cream. The cookbook says whatever you add to it, it takes on the taste. Kind of like tofu. I'll tell you more about that later as I use it.
Green smoothie - Diane from greens plus (click the link on the sidebar to check out the site) sent me their berry mix which I tried today. Very similar to amazing grass. I am going to keep using it to see what I think.I'll post about the comparisons after I've tried it more...

I also received 2 of the greens plus bars. Today I had the chocolate peanut butter one. I liked it SOOO much better than the amazing grass bars. It reminded me of GeniSoy if you've had them. Yum. I'll do a full review once I've had all of the products.
I sent Bill into work with the little drink packet, Orange Greensicle. I received an email from his colleague and friend Kevin saying to please never send Bill a lunch like this again, specifically, the drink mix. His people at work were disgusted by it for sure. It would have been better blended or shaken, Bill had to just mix it. So we'll keep that at home.

Here's one of my cottage cheese egg white + broccoli and mushroom omelettes. mmm.. I overcooked it a little but still was so good. Today I had it on Dave's killer bread. It was killer!

I went swimming on Monday and I REALLY want to move to a faster lane. I'm not there yet but it's so crappy swimming first in the lane with too much rest. I need to get a little faster to move over though, otherwise I will get discouraged too easily going last in a fast lane and getting lapped.


  1. Yum-o! Great job on eating...I'll have to get the cookbook!

  2. I'm impressed with all of your cooking and the ingredients you use. And what do you do to get all the free stuff? That's pretty cool.

  3. Love this post, I have been eating clean as well (well 90% of the time). I made black bean patties, and I dipped with a tsp of organic BBQ sauce (only 30 calories). I am really noticing my energy level is better, are you?

  4. I just recently discovered wheat germ and LOVE IT! I stir it into yogurt with a mashed up banana (or other fruit) and feed it to Moana for lunch.

  5. Cottage cheese in omelets? Interesting...

  6. your such a good eater! i could never.. im way to picky!!!!!

  7. Looks like the clean eating is coming around for you. You are really doing a great job. I give you a ton of credit. I don't think I could do it.

  8. Glad your eating is going well! I can't say I am a "clean eater" but I do try! But I think I already had been incorporating most of the principles about clean eating when I learned about it.

    Do you have any great vegetarian cookbooks to suggest? I was never a huge meat eater (mostly chicken..don't really like much else) but have zero cookbooks on vegetarian cooking.

  9. Good job sticking to the clean diet. Thanks for sharing some ideas/recipes.

  10. gosh I don't think I have the time to do half of what you are...making your own cheese! The soup though is totally going on my list for winter.

    Have you noticed any weight difference yet from following this diet?

  11. Wow, you've been busy cooking up a storm!

  12. I tried making fresh spring rolls this week and they weren't too bad! Plus I made up a random dipping sauce comprising lime juice, sweet chili sauce and sesame oil that actually tasted good (most of the time when I go random it usually ends up tasting weird).
    I love the idea of eating clean. However my MIL would poo poo your omelette - she doesn't like 'brown bits' on any of her cooked egg orders! :) Those bean patties look good.

  13. The eats look good! Will you come cook for me?? I'm having a really hard time making meals for hubby and I while making a meal for and feeding Nathan. How do you do it? Nathan wants to be held for the first hour after I pick him up for day care.

    Oh, by the way, I almost cried...when I saw that Costco is carrying my Chex Mix Turtle Bars again and I knew you would understand:>

  14. Those Greens+ bars are actually quite interesting. For some reason, the one I had looked greener than the one in your pic, though it could be a computer thing. =) Looking forward to your review!

  15. You're doing great! Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to all your reviews.

  16. Yum, all those foods sound delicious!!!