Productive Day

Some days I am really productive and other days I feel like I accomplish nothing at all! Today was food processor and food day. I started out making Nick some asparagus and nectarines. The asparagus turned out really well! Unfortunately, he won't eat greens alone so I have to mix it with fruit (probably since I started with fruit first - first time mom mistake).

Then I moved on, and made dinner - black bean patties and zucchini corn fritters, plus the leftover asparagus from baby food making + mushrooms that I cooked yesterday. Do you find when cooking mushrooms that if you cook them for a really long time on low -they turn out really well? That is my new finding. Clean them, cut them up, and put them on low for HOURS - and they are so tasty. Add bulgar to all of this, and that was dinner. Yum!

Black Bean Patties -
15 oz black beans
1/4 c wheat germ or any grain (breadcrumbs would work)
2 egg whites
2 tsp oil
PULSE IN FOOD PROCESSOR or mash with a fork. Don't pulse too long, just till combined. Plop into patties on a baking sheet that is sprayed (I cook mine in the toaster oven with tinfoil). Bake until set, about 10-15 minutes at 350.

All of Nick's food cubes! Today he had asparagus for the first time, as well as a dash of flax seed (hoping it helps with his constipation)! I also gave him a really small taste of almond butter. What kind of allergic reactions should I be looking for?

I made the muffins at the top - I adapted the eat-clean breakfast hermit recipe. It had oats, quinoa, hemp protein powder, blueberries, maple syrup, canola smart oil, agave nectar, yogurt and eggs. I wish I had the recipe because I really like them - and to do the nutrition facts, but I was kind of just throwing things in until the consistency was right. I'll write it down next time!

Thanks for the almond butter answer (peanut butter, etc) - I think mine lasts about 3 weeks. That seemed average, but I want to try to stretch it out to a month. The thing is, I do use it for baking too :) Last night I added chocolate chips to the tempo bars! :) Yum! These are so good, and great pre and post run so far for me! Consider sending some to a friend!

So earlier today, I decided to swim in the slower lane, where the swimmers are more friendly and it is less frustrating for me. The intervals are slower so more rest but not excessive rest between sets. It all evens out in the end I think, but I'll go for the friendly people.

I had switched my setting to comment moderation, but then I thought I had no comments since they weren't emailed to me and that I bored everyone to death! Turns out they show up when you go to your dashboard, but only a snippet. I won't be doing that - I was having trouble with my education blog with getting comments in chinese.

7 months out, and I feel like some days I am a bottomless pit. I realize that I look decent, but my stomach is my problem zone. It is definitely thick and I can't seem to get it to go away! It is actually toned too! But, still, I look 3 months pregnant in the belly area. Blah! I'm eating clean (80%), working out everyday, maybe I really should count up those calories (and fail, again). Wish it was easier and hope Nick gets a better metabolism! After you had a baby and if you got right back into being athletic afterwards, how long did it take to get your body back? See, I was really hoping to be one of those people that dropped below their pre-preggo weight with little effort (and 3000 calories a day - dream world...and really I'm giving it alot of effort by working out everyday and eating well!)

< 2 weeks (Is that a less than or greater than sign?) I have to keep asking math questions so that I don't lose my touch. < 2 weeks until the Philly Distance Run. My speed isn't there. I did a little speed interval workout yesterday and might do it again tomorrow. I think I'll be disappointed that I didn't train harder when I see my time next weekend, but I just can't seem to get my mojo back!


  1. The dinner looks fantastic!!! I am starting to eat more and more vegetarian. Would you ever post the recipe for the patties? I can never get a good recipe. Would love to have one that I know is good :-)

    Congrats on losing one more pound! That's awesome. !! Again, don't beat yourself up too much. It'll come off when it needs to. I know of plenty of moms who lost all but 5 pounds and didn't lose it until they weaned. So....don't worry about it!!!

  2. I agree with Billie on the weight.

    Rxns for nut allergy will come out pretty quickly if he has a major allergy...rash, hives, difficulty breathing/wheezing. Just the same as any other food you first give him, watch for similar rxns. Constipation, diarrhea...etc.

  3. i have a black bean pattie recipe I've been wanting to try, it has a few more ingredients than your list..I just wasn't sure I'd really like it, but then you mentioned mushrooms...they make everything great!!!!

    the weight thing is tough, I know how it can be frustrating not to hit a goal faster. however I think you are probably making strides and just not realizing it

  4. "<" = less than. :)

    I hear you on the bottomless pit days. I feel like I just can't control myself right now. :(

    You've been busy in the kitchen! Nice!

  5. I am jealous you get to do the Philly Distance run. I had thought about it, but just wouldn't be ready for it in time, either physically or mentally. I think you're also running Phila Marathon in November? Try to relax and have fun with this one! Plenty of time to train up for the longer event.
    Also, you have a baby!!! You are doing SO much more on all fronts than a lot of my friends with babies (and I think they're amazing!). Be a teeny bit proud of yourself - it's OK! :)

  6. I wish I had more time to be creative for dinners. I just dont' have time after work, running, lifting, etc. it's already after 7 by the time we eat so I have to cook dinners ahead of time. ugh.

    I'm excited for PDR. Hopefully the race will help you find your mojo.

  7. I'm no help on the post-baby bod, but you're doing great! You're setting such a great example of how to life a happy, healthy, active life.

  8. Im no help either, but i think you look fabulous and your doing wonderful! :)

    i wish i could help you get your mojo back... :)

  9. weird about the comment thing, but glad you realized you aren't boring :)

    hopefully your upcoming race will re-store your mojo like my recent race did! i was in the slumps for weeks, but a strong and fun race reminded me that i do still love to run.

  10. thanks for posting the recipe! My hubby works for the government and it just has him traveling a lot! Makes the training a bit more difficult but just have to get around the excuses and do it. It'll be easier now that the weather is cooler....was always just difficult to fit in the runs when it was 85 and humid as hell!

    Good luck with the run this weekend!! Enjoy it!

  11. Gawd your baked goods look A.Mazing! Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier! I'll be back to check out yours some more :-)

    PS I notice you have several blogs- is this the "main" one?