NUUN - review

I had heard alot about NUUN from other blogs and received some to try out from Lola @ Nuun.
It came in a very small cute box with 3 tubes enclosed. Nuun is an alternative to water and has tons of electrolytes. It contains no carbs or added sugars and is portable. You drop one of these tablets into a bottle of water and it dissolves - woila: your drink is ready. You can mix it before you go out for a long run or bring it along and mix it on the road. Time to hydrate! It comes in various flavors, including some new ones that sound pretty fun, goji berry green tea & lemon chai!

Taste - kind of like diluted gatorade or juice? It reminded me of airborne, maybe with the whole dissolvable tablet action going on.

It will cost you $24 for 3 tubes. Each tube contains 16 tablets. This is like buying 48 gatorades.
Right now they are offering free shipping - check out the shop! Have you tried NUUN? Do you use it? What is your favorite flavor?

I mixed it in a pom bottle

I made it yesterday without going to the store. For dinner it was some barley and mushrooms. Kind of lame but Bill had a late big lunch and wasn't into dinner and I will basically throw things together and be happy with it! Today I was going to break down and go to the store but I left Nick's carseat in the car that was going to the shop so there will be no food shopping today!
It could be stirfry tonight - latest favorite thing to cook veggies in is peanut butter and coconut oil :) or some other fun creation. Thanks for your tips!

Today's swim workout had a crazy aspect: 16 x 100s, each set of 4 on a different interval. I feel like we could have done them faster, but it started at 1:50, then 1:45, 1:40, and the last 4 at 1:35. It was not that difficult. I really want to create a happy medium lane!


  1. Love Nuun! I think it tastes really good for some odd reason. I guess I just like that it doesn't have tons of sugar.

    I am eating stir fry right now at my desk. Yummy!

  2. I just got some Nuun from another blogger and I can't wait to test it out; I know lots of runners love it, so I'm curious to test it.

  3. I really like Nuun, but the problem is I always forget about it. I am a G2 girl, but I do water that down heavly. I think Nuun is a better alternative, but I always forget about it! I like the citrus flavor but I think that is because I am also a fan of watered down stuff. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  4. BIG fan of Nuun right here! :)

    Good job on the grocery challenge.

  5. So...I live in Northern Virginia...so not horribly far away. But far enough :-) Great job on the eating and not grocery shopping...enjoy it now because once 'lil man hits the toddler age it gets harder to just make whatever...since you have to think about them. It's the one thing I miss!! :-)

  6. I always water down my Gatorade and actually love Airborne (I know, odd). This may be the stuff for me.

  7. I love NUUN and have found it to really help. The taste does take a couple of tries to get use to. I enjoy the lemon lime and berry.

    Nice swim workout.

  8. I uses NUNN and I swear by them. I take them when I go hiking too. No sticky mess or sickly sweet taste. Perfect.

  9. I really like nuun a lot too. They work so good when you are feeling a little dehydrated. Another good thing... they are the CURE for hangovers. ha ha

  10. I must have mixed it wrong or something... it was NOT tasty. hmmmmm

  11. i started using NUUN this summer--because i really need something for those really hot/humid days. i like the citrus fruit flavor..