Nutridel Cookies: Review

Nutridel - a combination of the words nutritious and delicious is a company that makes natural gourmet cookies. The company is based out of California, mainly in San Diego, with presence in LA, San Francisco and Portland, OR. They sell 4 flavors of cookies: oatmeal (best seller), flaxseed, almond and pecan.

I received a flaxseed cookie and a pecan cookie to review.
Both cookies were large, crispy and flat, vegan and contain around 60 calories per cookie.
Check out the size:

The Flaxseed cookie ingredients are oats, whole wheat flour, flaxseed, wheatbran, amaranth, molasses, sunflower oil, and ground cinnamon. I eat flaxseed all the time, but I didn't pick up the flavor of the flaxseed. To me, it tasted like a yummy oatmeal cookie! It was crunchy and sweet. And big! For around 60 calories, I felt like I was having a whole lot of cookie!

The Pecan cookie ingredients are whole wheat flour, wheat bran, amaranth, pecans, molasses, sunflower oil and natural pecan essence. This one tasted like a sweet wheat cookie with a hint of pecan. It wasn't as sweet as the flaxseed cookie but had a good taste. Again, a big cookie :)

Both of these flavors would be AWESOME crumbled over yogurt. Mmmm....

I don't know much about amaranth so I looked it up - it is a common grain used in vegetarian recipes for baked goods, pancakes or any flour based recipes. It has amino acids and protein.
Molasses seems to be better for you than sugar, containing iron and calcium and other minerals.

Each package contains 2 cookies and costs $2.50 but has special pricing for larger orders. To obtain information about purchasing, email info@nutridel.com or (619) 718-0014. The website is under construction but is found here. Look for them in retail locations in CA and OR.


Crunchy, healthy cookies that are tasty, and decently low in calories. If you are in the San Diego area, or one of the other areas mentioned above, I would check them out. They make a great sweet snack for the sweet tooth or kid's lunchboxes! The pricing is reasonable, and the cookies have a sweet taste for being good for you.

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