Greens Plus and Amazing Grass

As promised, here is a review of Greens Plus Wild Berry Burst powder, Chocolate Peanut butter Protein Bar, Chocolate Energy Bar and Orange Greensicle Drink Mix.

The Berry Burst drink powder is chock full of fruits and veggies and great supplements, such as chorella, spirulina, and green tea extract. Check out the link to see all of the ingredients of the powder. I used it in a smoothie with milk, and one with water and ice. I liked it best with milk and some ice - kind of like a milkshake. It was tasty, had a strong berry flavor and green color of course. Now I used to use Splenda in my tea and something in there reminded me of that sweetness - but there is nothing artificial in this mix. This mix is $35 for 9.4 oz - so on the pricey side, but if you aren't getting in your fruits and veggies, and you have the money, definitely worth it to do something good for your body!

How does this compare to amazing grass:
Amazing Grass also has a berry flavor, which is comparable to Greens +. The ingredients are quite similar. Amazing Grass sells 8 oz for $28. The prices are in the same range. I think that I liked the taste of Amazing Grass better for this product, but they were very close. I didn't have any amazing grass to compare it to at the same time, I just remember really liking the berry flavor of it!

Next up the Chocolate Energy Bar which has an almond butter and date base. This bar was tasty. I would eat it post-run, maybe during a long run (I am looking for a GU replacement), or take it with me for healthy traveling. It is coated in chocolate and I thought it tasted like a sweet treat. The bars go for close to $3 each, but if you join their program with planned deliveries you save on the products and the shipping.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar
: Comparable taste and same cost as the Energy Bar but packed with protein. 16 g of protein, with main ingredients of natural peanut butter and whey protein. If I'm going for a protein bar, this is great with all of the extra supplemental ingredients. I'm in!

On the bars: Definitely some questionable ingredients:Montana bee pollen, royal jelly, Nova Scotia pulse? When I say questionable, I mean ... things that made me go, Hmmm... Still, love the taste

Compared to Amazing Grass: Hands down, these taste so much better than the amazing grass bars. I could tell those were good for me, while this just tasted GOOD.

Orange Greensicle:
I'm not a fan of orange so I couldn't try this one, but I sent it in with Bill to work. His colleague sent me an email asking me never to send it to work again for their benefit - but Bill reports that it had a hint of orange but was a green drink (which scared his colleagues). He didn't like the flakes that were at the bottom of the glass, but he was unable to shake it w/o a shaker cup at work. To even get him to try it was pretty darn good. So this gets a good review if you like orange drinks! I'd guess it is similar to the berry powder but it comes in convenient packets you can bring on the go. The only thing with the mixes is that they do best when you shake them or use them in a blender, so on the go is tough unless you bring your shaker along.


Greens+ gives you a cup with lid to shake the drink up. I like the concept. With Amazing Grass you get a cup with a hole and lid so that you can sip it. It is a personal preference on what you like better!

I have to say, my biggest BEEF with Greens + is WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE POWDER??? I need chocolate. The cost is high but comparable to amazing grass. I think I'd get a stock of this stuff and use it for convenient travel but not everyday - I just can't afford it! The cool thing about Greens+ though is the health club - which enables you to get 10-20% off and automatic deliveries once a month. If you are interesting in more greens + info or buying, click the fun icon on my sidebar to take you to their site!


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