bulgur for breakfast ? and expo

I was reading runner's world and saw a suggestion from the section about the cook/runner man to eat bulgur for breakfast. I LOVEEE love love bulgur and don't eat it all that much for dinner - maybe 1 time per week, so I wanted to try it. I did a quick comparison to oatmeal and it was higher in fiber, same in protein and lower in calories, so I replaced my morning oats with bulgur today! It was delicious I must say - I will be doing this more often! First the quinoa now bulgur! Yum!!

The last 3 days (today is day 3) I have been vigiliant and counting off those calories. It is really helping me to realize that all of the picking and little things here and there add up. I'm staying around 2000 calories which seems high(?) but I'm hungry and I can't go much lower than that right now! I think it is helping, though I wanted chocolate chip cookies and stuffed crust pizza (thins I rarely eat) on day 2. Not to worry, I did not eat them!

Yesterday I hit the expo for the philly distance run. I dragged Nick into the city to pick up my packet. Let me tell you, when you are on a fixed time schedule and every minute counts, driving around looking for parking in Philly sucks! I finally caved to a lot until the guy told me $14 - I told him I'd be there 20 min. Then I found a spot down an alley and was terrified for our lives.
By the time I parked I was sweating because I was so anxious about getting Nick back in time for lunch. It was dumb, I didn't bring anything for him so he was crying on the way home - it took way longer than I expected. Bad bad mommy! So that was a fiasco and I won't be going down into Philly alone again - next time I'll bring someone to drop me off and run in - and out. The Expo was disappointing too! I didn't get any free loot - I think it was pretty early on, but everything was mostly for sale. My favorite booth is always clif - they always have samples of everything - but I didn't see it.

Last, teaching lessons on Thursday, I have a 3 year old in my advanced class and his mom forgot his goggles and he had a major temper tantrum. I felt sooo bad for his mom, he was being a butt head.


  1. I think if you're running and swimming + nursing, then 2000 calories should be your minimum for sure.

    Good luck with Philly tomorrow!

  2. 2000 is a good total. That is where I am staying around. Do you have a heart rate monitor? I wore mine for 24 hours one day and saw how many calories I burned in a full day. I range from 2500-2800 in a day. Then I subtracted 500 or so calories. 2000 is where I landed.

    I hear you about not packing food! Sometimes I could kick myself for not thinking ahead of time! They always forgive though!!

    Good luck on the race!!!

  3. good luck tomorrow! can't wait for the report!

  4. I don't count cals, but 2000 seems low for as much exercise you do. Are you still nursing? Just make sure you're eating enough to fuel it all and to keep your metabolism strong!

  5. GOOD LUCK today lady!!! Sorry about your adventure into philly alone! thats noo fun!

  6. I wasn't that impressed with the Expo, either. The only good thing I got was a really big reusable shopping bag. Can't ever have too many of them.

    And I got a parking ticket when I went down.